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Drug Therapy

Another1bites back
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Anyone hear been treated with Interluekin 2? Would like any and all info from you about what to expect and how it went during treatment. Im scheduled for this in 30ish days.

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Many on this site have been treated with IL2. This is a good option however for clear cell and in some cases can be a 'cure' (not that there really is one). It can produce long term lasting affects of remission. We will be trying that in the spring Mayish or we may be trying PD1 which is expected to be available by then. IL2 is done in hospital and our doctor says 6 days in M-S, then week off, then repeat. Then if necessary one more treatment 3 months later. We are having very good luck with Sutent so we are waiting for now.

Gail mother of Cody 21
diagnosis 8/10 unclassified RCC
8/16 checked into NYU as emergency surgeon concerned head tumor was closing ventricle to brain
8/17 embolization via femoral artery to bone lesion on skull 7 hours
8/18 repeat
8/19 10.5 hour surgery to remove skull mass
9/4 titanium skull inserted
9/29 begin sutent 25mg 2 weeks on one week off; then 37.5 2 weeks on 1 week off; then 50mg for 3 weeks then off 5 days (preop tests show 3 tiny liver lesions shrinking)
11/16 full neph of lft kidney 5.5 tumor
12/1 begin sutent again at 37.5 to work into it
12/8 sutent to 50mg for a week then off a week and continue cycle of 50 2 weeks on 1 week off until next scans
12/12 begin radiation of remaining skull mets Monday and Thursday for 3 weeks high dose

Another1bites back
Posts: 14
Joined: Oct 2011

Thanks for the info!! Prayers your way!

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