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Financial help

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After watching my mom with her battle with cancer and how we struggled financially it's become my mission to start fundraisers for those who desperately ned help. Anyone interested please contact me.this money goes to the people, not the research foundations.

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I am sorry about you Mom, I too lost my Mother many years ago to Cancer.

God bless and be with you.

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In April when my dad was diagnosed he didn't have any insurance. He couldn't work and my mom can't so they were just sitting ducks. In October my dad had pain in his stomach and fluid building up making his stomach swell. In October we ended up talking him into going to the hospital because we didn't think they could refuse him treatment. When we got there with no insurance the doctors really didn't care too much about what was wrong. My dad had three different doctors three different times and only one mentioned it was cancer. He got the bill and I think it was close to 24,000 dollars. In probably November we tried a hospital that's probably about half an hour away from us and they have worked wonders. Since the diagnosis he has had a feeding tube in and been eligible for medic-aid which is a lot of help. He has chemo every other week, depending on his white blood cells, and the state helps a lot. It's really sad to think that there are so many people out there with cancer and no one helps them. I think your idea is wonderful and it really gives people a chance to get what they need.


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If your family can afford a small monthly payment, there is a site that might be able to give your father very good insurance. It is for pre-exsisting conditions (serious illness). You can apply online and send in whatever else they need. Check out www.pcip.gov and click on your state and read about it. If accepted he could have this insurance 30 days later. It is worth a try. You and your father are in my prayers. Best of luck!

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What a nice thing you're doing. I hope you're able to help a lot of people. Going through is horrible.

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Hi! I just wanted to say that what you are talking about doing is a great thing. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months ago and my insurance won't pay for any of my treatment. I'm finding it very difficult to find help. If anyone knows of an organization that could help me it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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My boyfriend has stage 3 rectal cancer and had to quit his job I also have a medical issue and am 6 monthes pregnantand have 2 other small children at home we really need financial help he has insurance that pays for all the medical stuff but I'm having trouble keeping our home life afloat and every financial assistance program I have found is only for medical assistance. Does anybody knows were I might find some help?

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My sister friend participates in a program call "shootout for cancer". She had brain cancer and once a year she does a fundraiser at a donated local school space with lots of baskets on their court with donated local food and drinks. Each entrant pays $15 and gets a donated t-shirt that says "shootout for cancer" and the year of the event. You can buy extra shirts for further donation. The day consists of silly basketball games. Each team is named after a local hospital. The teams then do silly things to score points. So say all teams line up. you then do as instructed. One game is roll the ball under everyone's legs and then the last person has to run to the other end, shoot the basket, run back to the front of the line and roll again, next person goes. You can play a game over the head. You can make people run backwards, sideways, passing the ball in pairs. So many variations. The team who wins at the end gets mini trophies that are plastic and also donated. Instead of donating the proceeds to an organization, she works with a local hospital and they contact someone who is struggling financially and ask if they want to be a recipient of the funds. She then gives all donations to that person at the actual shootout. They show up, are an honorary guest for the day, their family gets to participate for free and they get the "pot" at the end of the night for medical bills, rent, etc. It's been an enjoyable event and there is generally a good turnout as it is advertised very well. It's nice to see where the money is going.

Ann C
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Could you please contact me. My 32 year old son has stage 3 Malignant Melanoma, he has already had one surgery on Sept 16 at that time they removed Lymph Nodes under his left arm, as well as a spot 6 inches long x 1 1/2 inches & down to the muscle. He has been on unpaid medical leave from his employer since the day before his surgery. Today we received results from testing on the lymph nodes, they tested positive for Cancer, he is scheduled for his second major surgery the second week of Nov. He will remain on unpaid medical leave for an undetermined amount of time. There are absolutely no resources for help for him & his 14 year old daughter. Not local, state or federal. I am at a loss here, is it not enough that a person has to deal with cancer, but then have to worry about electric, water being turned off & lossing your home. I do not understand why there is so little help, yes we as his parents are helping all that we can, but funds are getting low for us. Any direction on this would be of great help. Thank you. Ann [information removed by CSN adminstrator]

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