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December: the month for MRIs

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Looks like many of us on this list will be dealing with MRIs in the next two weeks, whether it's for you or for a loved one.

Hope to hear from all of you and that the news is good!

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I saw that several of us are having MRI's this month. I will be saying prayers for all of the beloved cancer patients and their family members! Have a blessed day.


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Hi,I am happy to find all of you who are together in this journey.my husband is scheduled to have surgery on Dec 15th. The purpose of the surgery is to recuce the blood/fluid buildup in the tumor bed. the surgeon said he will go after the tumor if it looks safe for him. My husband has been dealing with this tumor for the last 10 years and they always said surgery for the tumor is not safe as it is in the left frontal lobe affecting his memory.I am worried.Let's pray each other for good outcome.

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My MRI is Dec 27th, I didn't realise there were so many getting them this month! Thanks for your kind wishes :-)

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I am praying everyone gets a good report this month. I get very worried with all my husband's MRI's. This will be his first since they stopped his chemo. Please keep him in your prayers.

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My son David and Julia's sister Kat both have MRIs scheduled for the 14th.

I will be praying hard for all of these MRIs and that every single one of them will be a good report.

Has anyone heard from momsworld? I have been thinking about her and her daughter every day and I am wondering how they are doing. They are so heavy on my heart....

Love and blessings,
Cindy in Salem, OR

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I didn't realize either that there are so many people with MRI's this month. Mine was on December 19 and there was too much swelling from my surgery in September to see if there was or was not any of the tumor left. They said it is too hard to distinguish between tumor and swelling. They couldn't say when the swelling is expected to go down. I will have another MRI in February to see if anything has changed. I am not very trusting in this "swelling". I know it is normal as with any surgery but my mind keeps going back to the beginning when the doctors were telling me it was just "inflammation" and finally six months later decided it was likely a tumor and five months after that I had surgery. I do trust the doctors who are following me now. I was told that they are the best in Ontario if not Canada. I am more sceptical of the pattern of how things have been going. I have been right about everything so far and I have this terrible feeling deep down that the tumor is not gone. The surgeon is very confident but the radiologist oncoloist is not so promising. My husband is taking me to Mexico in a few weeks to get away from all of the stress in the last year. It has taken a toll on us. He has been on call since December 23 and will end on January 6 so he has missed a lot of the Christmas events that we had planned. I am trying to put this all in the back of my mind and put on a happy smile until February when hopefully we will have more answers.

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Hi Websterbr,

Don't get discouraged yet by your MRI. The fist one is full of swelling and inflammation. In my sister's the radiaologist even said: "Possible tumor recurrence". Then the one we just had 2 weeks ago showed more improvement. We cannot see tumor. I think that surgery and radiation can halt the disease. My question is for how long?
I think it is great you are going to Mexico. Enjoy your time.


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