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We're home from my little girls appointment with good news

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I'm home! And with good news. The oncologist at the Childrens Hospital seemed to be very thourough. When we first arrived they repeated labs and did a chest xray (to look for suspicious lymphs?). He went over her labs, xrays, and CT. Asked questions about recent health issues and illness. Explained how a lymphoma develops and grows. And concluded with his confidence that Kacie had some sort of infection or a trauma to the area near the lypmh that caused the gland to become inflamed. He said with the good labs and radiology (that I trust him to be able to read correct), and also with my answers to his questions he feels it is not oncology. Bless the heavens!! He asked if she had weight loss, fatigue, fevers that come and go...he also said lymphoma's grow rapidly and this one has not grown in the 2 months. He did say he looked at the CT and saw the bone destruction the radiologist mentioned. He said it is very small and felt it is not significant or related to the lymph in her cheek. I do wonder what this is from because I was assured by the dentist it was not dental issue. So.....I am sooo glad this is over! Thank you for your love and kindness!


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What a relief. i am so happy for you!

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Oh, that is such wonderful news!!! I'm really just so very happy for you and your daughter - one less stress in life. :-)

Happy Holidays!


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So grateful that this news has been in good favor. This is awesome news and sounds very positive. What a blessing for all of you. Merry Christmas!!!!

Hugs! Kim

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I am sure you are so relieved. I am very happy everything turned out fine. Hug to you and your daughter! Teri

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How wonderful--the best Christmas present ever!!

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That's awesome!!!!! Love your good news!


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Such a wonderfu Xmas present! I am so happy for you and your family.

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So very glad you and your daughter received this early Christmas present!

I know all too well the anxiety of the wait as I went through something similar with my daughter years ago, whic also turned out to be not a problem.

Now you have a light heart so that you can really enjoy the holiday season.


Marie who loves kitties

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That is awesome. Cancer in adults is one thing but no child should have to endure this disease. Lisa

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...is our joy:)


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Thank you all very much for your compassion. It is so much harder when its our kids. When we were waiting for the Dr they asked Kacie if she would like to wait in the play room, they had crafts and things. Well she's a crafty kind of little girl so she jumped at it. I was thinking with some reservations...do I really want to go to the play room. And sure enough the play room had a craft table with beautiful little bald children smiling and chatting while using their imagination making various Christmas crafts with glue and glitter. Kids receiving chemo, and blood sitting or walking around as if it was just another day. We waited there for at least an hour but felt like 8 and I just kept praying and hoping that we would walk out with my greedy wish for health for my child. But the way she mingled with the others brought a dose of reality of what could be. Her dad (my ex) had to walk away for awhile with tears just to see this sight was way too close to home.

This site is the only place that I can completely open my heart without reservation. Because we all know the possibility even though we wouldn't wish it on the worst of anyone.


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I'm so happy for your good news. I could just see the play room you described. Spending
even an hour in a such an environment is a life changing event. I don't think you're
greedy for not wanting that to be your life.
Bless you.

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Glad it worked out well.

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Hi Gail,

I'm so glad to hear this news- what a relief! What an awful worry this has been for you. Hugs to you, my friend!


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Thank goodness:) I'm so happy to hear that your daughter is ok:) I hated for you to even think that your daughter could of been touched by this horrible disease. :) Melissa

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