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3rd BCC in 11 months

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I am on my 3rd BCC (and several pre)in almost 1 year. I know the chances after the first are high but does it ever slow down? Is anyone out there using or know any type of cream or lotion or anything on their skin that keeps BCC away?

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I don't know of any cream sorry. If someone mentions the cream Aldara, it is now proven not to work.
There are three types of bcc, in severity order being: superficial, nodular and then infiltrating.
I've had nodular on the front of my face that I've had surgery for but it has come back 3 times since 2004. I've also had infiltrating on the side of my face in 2010. They wanted to operate but it was too near a nerve so they did photo dynamic therapy to shrink it first. That made it disappear completely, but I've been told that it will come back as photo dynamic therapy doesn't work for infiltrating.
Which brings me to answer your question:
I've never had superficial bcc but aparently photo dynamic therapy works well for bcc. Here in Australia 18 months ago a journalist had superficial bcc's all over his face always coming up. There was a tv show showing him getting photo dynamic therapy for the whole of his face to prevent any future bcc's. He is still on our sports reports and his face looks good. I'm not sure if that will work for you though.

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superficial bcc responds really well to photodynamic therapy.
i had that done on my first bcc, and it healed with no scarring whatsoever...
that was done for free on the nhs on the uk.
my sencond, was in australia a few years later, and i had to pay hundred of dollars for even excision ,or around $1200 for photodynamic therapy, so i went for cryosurgery ,as the skin cancer doctor offered that for free at the appt instead...that worked well too, and healed with no scar (both on my back) ...i have had no reoccurence in 5 yrs with the pdt, and the bcc treated with cryosurgery was only 1 yr ago, and is apparently gone for good too...

the doctors in the uk now won't use cryosurgery as the reoccurence rate is higher,but i chose it in aus, because it was free, and it was only a superficial bcc on my back, so not a worrisome area...

i have another patch, which comes up and goes down, that we are sure is a 3rd bcc, but the specialist (in the uk again) wants to wait to take a biopsy, as at the moment, you can barely make out where it is (as i have been doing 50% glycolic acid peels on my back weekly)as he doesn't want to give me more biopsy scars unless absolutely necessary, to prevent me looking like a patchwork quilt eventually....

if you have the opportunity to try photodynamic therapy, i would jump at it, as it can eliminate certain types of bcc with removing any flesh, and it doesn't hurtv and is completely safe....

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In the US there is a clinical trial for patients that might have a gene that causes multiple BCC, I had Mohs surgery in my face in January and 2 biopsies since, that were negative for BCC but were pre cancerous , Mohs removes 99% of it.
One should not forget it is a carcinoma and one should see a dermatologist that also is oncologist.

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what does the photo dynamic therapy do?

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