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Chemo Brain

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I am 5 months post treatment and I feel like I'm forgetting more and more. My train of thought is null and void. Doctors say this is a common complaint and last about a year. Also, told me to take vitimans and eat well. Anyone else have this issue? ~Carol

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I am over 3 years post-treatment and still have lapses, but it's better now than in the period of time right after treatment. Don't let it discourage you, as it will most likely improve with time.

Dog Girl
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I too had Chemo Brain, but I was also menopausal, so I think I got a double whammy!
I had to write myself a lot of notes (and then remember to read the notes!), but
most of all I had to learn to laugh at myself when I couldn't find the word I was looking
for or I lost my train of thought. I find that if I repeat something to myself several
times it has a better chance to "stick". Even if I forget something, I tend to have the nagging feeling that I am forgetting something, and that's when I go to my notes.

Just like I don't leave home without Aquaphor and baby wipes in my purse, I also always keep a pen and paper or my Blackberry with me so I can write things down/send an email to myself.

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I started to wake up in the 9th month. Getting better all the time, it will be a year on the 8th.

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Ha Ha! Bless your heart I can't help but laugh. I think the memory loss has a lot to do with the trauma our bodies go through and in my case pain meds. I'm 6 years cancer free and have started back to college so you will get better. A funny story for you...I was cleaning my bedroom and going through all kinds of stacks I had made and came across this big blue tub...I looked at my honey and said GROSS what is this for???? I thought I used it for vomiting...he just laughed and said, You used to soak your feet in it until you couldn't find it anymore!! I promise it'll get better, just hang in there! And yes, keeps lots of notes & remember to read them! Much love

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Like Dee, I laughed because I remember how completely crazy I felt after chemo. I finished treatment in mid January of this year and I stayed totally confused for about 6 months. I really did consider it to be the worst side effect of treatment and began taking practice college entrance exams online to try to jump-start my brain. Silly, I know, but it really freaked me out for a while.

Great news: It gets so much better.

Sure, make lists. Or don't. :) Eat right, exercise, get some fresh air. . .that can't hurt. (I did lots of healing breath exercises.) Most importantly, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

It WILL come back.


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It,s been 10 months for me .I,m thinking a lot better and more clear.I was allways forgeting things i had to write everthing down ...shirley

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