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** A Christmas Ha Ha **

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Did Santa Give You That Present?

On Christmas morning a cop on horseback is sitting at a traffic light, and next to him is a kid on his shiny new bike.

The cop says to the kid, "Nice bike you got there. Did Santa bring that to you?"

The kid says, "Yeah."

The cop says, "Well, next year tell Santa to put a tail-light on that bike."

The cop then proceeds to issue the kid a $20.00 bicycle safety violation ticket.

The kid takes the ticket and before he rides off says, "By the way, that's a nice horse you got there. Did Santa bring that to you?"

Humoring the kid, the cop says, "Yeah, he sure did."

The kid says, "Well, next year tell Santa to put the stupidity in the horse's brain instead of on his back."

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Alexis F
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Love it! Thanks Susie!

Hugs, Lex

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HA! I guess the kid told him!

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new one to me! lol =)

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Funny! I've missed your Ha Ha's.

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Funny stuff .. needed a good laugh this evening - Thanks!

Vicki Sam

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A bit of a naughty kid but he made the point.

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