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Activity on Pet Scan

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brief history before the question, had hystorectmy in Nov 2008 had radition and chemo was in remission until Nov 2010 (I hate november anymore)went to CTCA (cancer treatment center of america) they took a bioapsy on one lymph knode (had a hard time finding it) came back negative, but doc said she felt they didn't get a good enough sample. (ughh) so we started chemo again. in April after my 3rd chemo no cancer, July no cancer, Oct showed activity. when I asked what activity cancer? she didn't know just shows activity in the chest area. Blood work does not show anything.
In Nov 2010 I started working out at the gym nothing big just treadmill to try and loose some weight. CT/Pet scan showed activity.
In Aug 2011 I started working out again more than just the treadmill. Had trainer and was working out alot. In Oct CT/Pet scan showed activity.
When I was not working out everything was fine on scans
When I asked the doc about this she said that there is no connection
I feel wonderful, no pain, no breathing problems, blood work shows everything is normal.

So they have order a bio this friday and i really feel like its going to come back negative. But she still wants me to take chemo, no matter what it says.

Please give me some of your thoughts? Is it possible that the activity could be something other than cancer?

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Many other things can cause activity on a PET scan. But from what you have said, it is impossible to know what they are talking about. Do you have copies of the PET scans to know exactly what was said? If not, you should get copies now.

I also read into this that you are not comfortable with what you are being told. Honestly, it is your life, and your treatment. Unless you trust the people treating you to make these important decisions, you need to consider getting another opinion. There are ways to do this without burning your bridges with your current treatment team, and it is totally your right.

Best wishes

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May doctors did not allow me to exercise before my pet scan. Exercise makes cells hungry and they pick up more tracer. Of course, I don't know the entire story, but that is what I was told.

I hope you work things out.

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