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Article on Dr. Burzynski

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I know nothing about the author but thought this was interesting:


The clickable link genie is more than welcome to fix this link!

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I also inquired about him and was told by many people he is a quack. I have enough quacks in my life to add another.

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The guy's been around a long time. Apparently hoofed animal
urine is a cancer-killer. Go figger...

When people fear cancer, they will do anything to try to stop it.

(I keep trying to tell people that there is indeed another way;
one that is thousands of years working, but no-one listens.
Oh well)

The general unspoken rule of thimb to get an FDA approval,
it that the cancer-killer product must be somehow related to,
or to be used as an adjunct to, chemotherapy.
(I.E. Support the industry, or get lost.)

So, Burzynski decides to use his invention with chemo!

Clickable link genie says: ALAHKAZAMM

There's always room for a laugh...

Hoping for better health for everyone!


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what are you referring to that nobody listens to?

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John is referring to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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So is everyone else. Unfortunately I don't know of anyone who went that route and did well. At least there do not seem to be any active members who post here that have gone the TCM route and treated their cancer with success similar to that of juicers, dietary approaches, or chemo.
It's a very well kept secret it seems!
BONUS ADVICE: Remember, only you can make yourself a victim. Cancer happens, so do heart attacks or car crashes, etc...

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There is no known "cure" for cancer.

There are millions of cancer victims that do not post to the Internet
forums, nor know about this ACS/NCI provided web site.

Most cancer victims that find cancer has been resolved, or put
into remission, do not desire to be reminded of the fact they
had/have cancer.

Many, many cancer victims feel that telling about a remission
may jinx their remission, and prefer to remain silent.

The largest percentage of us that have used an "Alternative"
method/modality to see cancer put into remission, do not wish
to be subjected to the continual degradation of our choices,
and remain silent and away from the type of scorn one sees
in forum settings.

Regardless of choices, we -all- would like to believe that what
we chose for a remedy has worked for us.

I was considered a 3c/4 in 1/2006. After my last operation
in 1/2011 for an intestinal obstruction due to adhesions, I was
informed that the correct dx back in 2006 was a stage four.

I have never received chemo or radiation, and had used only
imported medicinal strength Chinese herbs. Spots in lungs,
liver, etc were gone after using the herbs. I have been without
sign of any new cancer since 2006.

I did have a scare in 1/2011 regarding a "chunk" that the
assisting surgeon thought was a "new cancer", but it later was
found to be a dormant item, not "live cancer", and likely left
behind, in 2006. They can't explain the "dormancy", since it
is even rare to see that when the patient has undergone
chemotherapy, although it does occur.

Youse pays yer money and youse takes yer chance.

Do what your own body, instinct and intuition tells you what
is best for -you-; trust thyself. You were given the ability to
survive against all odds, just as any other living creature has
been provided with that same gift; use that gift.

It's when you listen to those around you, to all those that mean
so well for you, that you run into major problems. Those well
meaning people do not know -you-; your composition, or what
your own body needs, they are only repeating the rhetoric of
the industry..... all very well-meaning and in the most caring way,
but only -you- know what is best for -you-.

It may be chemical therapy, or radiation, or it could be something
much safer and more gentle to your living, breathing body.

Listen to thyself. You only have one life, and only your inner being
knows what is best. Listen to it.

My best hopes and wishes for better health to all.


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hi john, i am looking into tibetan medicine from india. interested in checking out
the chinese medicine. can you point me to the herbs?

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Click on my name to get to the "profile page", and click on
the tab marked "blog".

Each of us are provided a place on this website for personal
data that we would like to share. It's a safe spam-free place!

Good luck, and happy reading!

(if you need any info not provided there, just drop me a note)

Best of health,


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Hey John, just out of curiosity, how long did it take for your suspicious spots on lungs and liver take to disappear.....they they go slowly bit by bit between each scan, or was it a quick thing where one scan they were there and gone the next?? How often did they scan??

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I had CT scans 6 months apart after the initial surgery.
It was with the third CT that they said only two spots
on one lung, and one on the other remained. Both lungs
had those spots since the late 90s, and were determined
to likely be granuloma.

My liver's spots were gone at that time also. They have now
determined that I have a "fatty liver". (probably from years
of Bourbon, Rum, etc).

I'm presently having a difficult time health-wise, but it is
completely due to the removal of 1/2 my small intestine
to clear an adhesion related blockage. I'm told that due to
a short bowel and high-output ileostomy, my body will no
longer absorb things like B-12 or Magnesium.

If it can absorb the chemicals from herbs or not, is my
main concern presently.

As with any modality, there is no guarantee that herbs
will work better than chemo, or at all (same as chemo).

The only plus side, is that herbs and TCM in general,
do not cause second cancers, neurological problems,
or other maladies associated with the harsh chemicals
used for chemical therapy. TCM practices always attempts
to build the immune system, not tear it apart.....

I try to do my best to point out, that TCM and herbs can
be used along with chemo and radiation. Yes, it can be
used as the main course, and has been successfully.

When you use TCM, you continue to see your usual western
medicine practitioner and get the usual tests and scans.

There seems to be some confusion about that, and I hope
I can clear that up.

Sorry for any apparent "Hi-Jack" of the thread...

Now back to our regular programming....

Stay well,


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Thanks John...I thought I saw somewhere that (I think it was) Celebrex helps with adhesions....I could be wrong, but check it out on the internet....

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The original link at the top above, and number of the secondary links from the Merritts, immediately above (H2B), fall into a political category where there is no neutral ground and there is a substantial amount of ad hominem attack. I would not choose the Burzynski Clinic for CRC treatment either.

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an interesting read, a good friend with stage4 sent all his scans and reports to this guys institute and never even got a reply. i really trust my friends efforts and he is going elsewhere in the usa for cutting edge treatments.


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