scan on Wed. for staging

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It seems like they can"t get our answers fast enough! Wait on this...wait for that...UUGH!!
This is so overwhelming. Trying to keep my husband healthy for the future dr. visits and trying to be as positive as I can be. Visit to the James Cancer on Thursday for the second opinion and hopefully better options for treatment...another wait and see!! Cry, Pray, cry some more and PRAY harder!!


  • I know shutt
    it's awful the waiting game, I know. Stay positive and stay strong! Bring a tape recorder if you have one (my Dad did for the first couple of visits so we could keep going back to that awful tape and confirm did she say that did he say that) also bring a list of questions so you dont forget what you wanted to ask.

    Good Luck to you both.
    Remember were all here for you!
    God Bless