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Pulmonary Metastases

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Hello to Everyone...

I have been a frequent visitor in the breast cancer forum. The love and understanding I've received from my sisters has encouraged me to post on this forum too.

I had a CT Scan a month ago that shows several small nodules. 5-6mm to be exact. I know what the lung experts say ... too small to be cancerous. I had a lumpectomy in September and a re excision last week. I've been staged at 2 with a grade 2 tumor, ER/PR+, no node involvement, invasive papillary, in situ DCIS, HER2 negative. I haven't even started rads or hormone therapy. Anyway...I need to ask a question. What does nodule density mean and how is it related to cancer (if at all)? I saw a thoracic surgeon today (went without onco doc prescribing .. just went on my own) and he said he didn't feel I needed a biopsy but was concerned that one of the nodules showed moderate density. He spoke to my oncologist and she said she wouldn't change her approach to treatment. She wants to wait 3 months for a new scan and watch the nodules carefully for any growth. This bothers me because my pathology report for BC says my type of cancer cells have a ridiculously high proliferation rate. Does this sound like the right plan? Just wait?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Hope to hear from you soon and sending out HUGS to all who need them.


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Three months for a next scan does not sound out of bounds. Cancer needs time to grown, and in my experience, they allow between 3 and 6 months to see what is going to happen with a newly discovered node.

On the other hand, the node they finally found in my lower right lung lobe was merely 4mm, and they were able to tell that it was malignant and what type of cancer it was, even if they could not ascertain that it was metastasis.

Perhaps they want to wait until they can get a very clear picture of what is going on, knowing that there is little they can do in the interim that would change the situation dramatically.

Best wishes.

Take care,


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Kenny H.
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I had rectal cancer with 6 nodes involved. After surgery had 12 rds of 5/fu which took care of it. Well ended chemo in April and last 2 CT scans showed small nodules on lungs. Started at 2-3 mm so Onc said not to wory lets wait and see.
Last scan in Oct showed growth in size to 5-7mm and a few more so Onc ordered a PET scan.

Pet scan showed 2 nodules active for metastisis. Im currently waiting on appt to MD Anderson to get a 2nd opinion. I would have your Onc set you up for a PET scan. Then you will find out much more.

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I too had breast cancer stage 2 grade b in the left breast in 2008. After surgery and rads, had a clean bill of health, until this past July. Started having pain under left arm, onc ordered a chest Xray. Showed a spot on my left lung only 2cm. He ordered a CT scan and the report came back as a possible metastasis from breast cancer. Then I went for a PET, order came back the same as CT. My onc said the reports said it looked like it was breast cancer again. Wanted to watch for 3 months. September I went for another CT scan and it was now 7cm. It was growing and the report still said a metastasis. So I went to se a surgeon. Needless to say I bcame very sick with Mono and ended up in the hospital for a week and then they would not release me for surgery until the first of Dec. On Dec 7 I had VATS and not only did I have 1 tumor but it had 2 now. The first had grown from 7cm to 7mm and the second was 3mm. This section of my lung was removed with good margins and it was not a metastasis, but was in fact lung cancer. I just had last week the nodes checked and am waiting to be stage other than being told T3. Next week will get all my marching orders for treatment along with my staging. Waiting 3 months is ok...but if it grows don't wait too long. Get attention in a timely manner and get a PET scan. Good luck with this and keep us posted. God Bless!

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