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New Diagnosis

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I am a 70 year old, went in to the hospital on Nov. 5 as I was having a hard time breathing and pain in my left side, found clots in my lungs, did blood work and found cancer when they did CA-125 test. Did cat scan of the pelvic area, at first diagnose as ovarian cancer. Went to the Seattle Cancer Center and was diagnosed with PPC, did a bipsy on Nov. 22 at the University of Washington Medical Center. I live in Ellensburg, Wa so I am going to the North Star Lodge Cancer Center in Yakima, my appt is this friday, Dec.9, will tell me when chemo starts, 9 weeks of chemo, then surgery to remove all reproductive organs then back to more chemo, hope this old body can take all this.

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wish we were meeting under happier circumstances. I have peritoneal cancer, but they've not found any tumours in the pelvic area so no surgery likely for me (thank God)

I'm sorry that you are stuck with so much. Keep us infored at how it all goes. I have a hard time breathing too when my abdomen is distended (which is is at present - I've just started my second round of chemo for that. Mostly at present, I'm tired becasue teh chemo has messed about with my haemoglobin count. I'll be seeing a doctor about that today;

Good to have you join our community. I find it helps to have others understand what we're going through -especially as we so often take the same treatments and we can then compare notes.

By the say, I'm not a whole lot younger than you. I'm almost 62 - though I've found among my friends that there is something about turning 70 that seems to bring (to them at least) a sense of carrying around a bowling ball which didn't seem to be there before turning 70. And yet others live life fully in their eighties still! Must be the luck of the draw (or the genes!) On reflection, maybe it has more to do with finding things you like to do. That always has a heartening effect on one.

Take very good care.

For now,


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Hey. I didn't realize u are my mom's age. Well she just turned 63 but it's the same.
Darla-hoping that ur beginning to all this comes to an end that involves you living ur life the way it should be, HAPPY, HEALTHY, and LONG!
Always room for a new friend.

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