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No more chemo

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After installation of port which was easy and comfortable, had my first week of radiation along with 4 days of 5 FU, I had not been feeling good for a couple of day before pump removal, suddenly as my Oncologist put it I crashed, had a severe toxic reaction to chemo. a week of my life I never want to go through again.
To make long story short my Oncologist said no more chemo would be too dangerous for me.
He said MRI and CT showed no other involvement so radiation would be enough treatment.
I start radiation again today for 4 weeks. along with blood tests twice a week.
My first thought when able to think was what I had seen discussed here about the DPD enzyme I plan on asking for this test to be done more for my own peace of mind.


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I'm so sorry to hear this! That must have been very scary. I think you are on the right track about the DPD enzyme and I hope your doctor will agree to the testing so you can find out if this was the cause. Hopefully, the rest of your treatment will be uneventful, other than the usual side effects. Please keep us posted. Hang in there for the next 4 weeks. I wish you all the best

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Thank you for your kind reply.
it was scary the side effects are still hanging around.
Looking forward to starting and finishing radiation even with the side effects, so much better than what could have happened.


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Hello dear girl ... so very sorry about the week you've had. Now remember, at least you had a week of it ... and now for your radiation! Hang in there ... keep us posted and let us help you along!

xoxoxo support sent your way!

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