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I watched her take her last breath today

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I watched helplessly as my mother took her last breath and her heart stopped beating this morning. She was only told in October of the horrible disease that was overrunning her body;colon cancer. She tried aggressive chemo, and it just made her last weeks here in earth more miserable. I am happy I was able to stay with her and tell her she was a good woman and that she is loved. She was tough until the end. Went out with no pain killers or sedatives. Way to go mom.
Cheryl Hollis 11/6/1949-12/4/2011

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Always remember the happy times you had with your mom. I miss my mom still and she died after only being sick 2 months in Dec. of 1989. Christmas has been hard ever since. And in 2010, Mar. 25th I lost my husband of 46 years after he was only sick 2 months. I think it's a little harder to accept when the death is so sudden. Christmas is coming and I can't wait till it's over.
We have to remember our loved ones but it will never be the same.
this site is so great for support, so please keep coming here. I don't come here as often but still feel close to all of those who supported me and also the ones who are still suffering from this horrible disease. Carole

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I too lost my Mother to Colon Cancer; she too was a fighter all the way to the end. It’s been over 20 years now and I still miss her sometimes but I know she is at rest and in no more pain. My strength to fight my cancer is from watching my Mother fight hers, I too will fight it to the very end.


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Im so sorry for your loss. My mother too went so quickly in a couple of months she was gone. I took watched her take her last breaths until her heart finally gave out. I feel your pain and am so sorry you ahve to go through this.

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