Post Sphincter Implant problems

I had a sphincter implant last December 15th, 2010, and just recently began experiencing blood and light pain toward the end of urination stream; Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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    Get Doctor's Opinion

    I hope guys here with experience on sphincter implants helps in your quest.

    I read about the technique behind the sphincter implant which provides ideas on the probable reason for your experience in having blood and light pain after urinating. I compare the symptoms with those we all experience when afflicted with a urethra stricture. Pain exist and blood may be present due to inflation or infection.

    The mechanism of sphincter implants can cause infection even though to a small extent (4% of cases) according to Dr. Valiquette’s descriptions. He refers to the possible “erosion of the mucous membrane of the urethra” which surely would cause irritation when passing urine.

    I would recommend you to get an opinion from the specialist who did the surgery. Here is a link to Dr. Valiquette’s article:

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    Hope you find an answer.