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The wait

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Thank you everyone-I come here to vent and see and learn. Monday we get results from my mothers bone scan-Last monday I recieved the call-Mom lives in upstate ny and I in Florida. Its cancer and not any cancer but the cancer that took your husband from me. So now I wait-I am going to stay with her very soon-leaving my home and animals in my daughters hands for If she has surgery will be there till she is healed and if no surgery Will be there till the end. But now we wait and see how fast I have to move. Trying not to get depressed-so I come here. so thank you all for being here to-So we know we are not alone

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So sorry you are going through this. I know the unknown is one of the worse parts of cancer. It is very hard to plan your life around it. But hang in there and try not to give in to depression. It can quickly take you over.

Take the opportunity to come here often and talk to us about it while you wait for news. We usually don't have answers but we are all going through one form or another of what you are feeling.


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I hope and pray that it all works out for you and that you get to stay with your Mom as long as she needs you. God bless you for being the kind of daughter that loves your Mother so much you are willing to do what is needed to help her.


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Hi Karen,

You are most welcome here. Sorry you are going through this with your mother.
I know it's difficult and we're here to support you.

I hope she will be able to have the surgery and that all comes
out positively for you guys.

Hugs and positive thoughts going your way....


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dupe post

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Hi Karen and welcome.
You have just kicked me out of top place for longest caregiver commute. I live in VA, Mom lives in AL, and it's right at 750 miles door to door. I fly until I'm sick of it, then drive, da da da for three years now. I still have a wonderful man back home, but my career is flying at half mast and I'm cancer poor. Still, it's great work if you can get it.

You can do this. Early on I promised Mom she would not be alone at the end, so now I'm here until the final bell, which we expect soon. Good luck with this day.

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