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Large mass in my liver

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I'm a 46 year old with a recent diagnosis of a large mass in my liver. Dr wants to do a biopsy but there is concern of bleeding if it is a particular kind of tumor. Which concerns me. I live close to MD Anderson but don't know who to talk to or who is the best Dr that specializes in liver cancer. I need assistance from someone who knows a good Dr or has any suggestions for me. It is a very frightening beginning to what may be a painful journey.

Thank you,

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Hey Teddy 123, so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Did your Doctor tell you how large (i.e. cm size) and/or where exactly it was located (in or on the liver)? What state do you live in for those of us who do not know what/who MD Anderson is? I know how scary this news can be, but don't panic just yet. I had my 15-16th MRI today after 2 bouts of primary liver cancer and it's been almost 5 years now for me as a survivor. Keep the faith, all is not necessarily lost at this point. Liver cancer scares most doctors who don't have to deal with it everyday.

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MD Anderson is an excellent choice, especially the Texas hospital, but all MD Anderson are good, because you can always have the expertise of the research hospital at your fingers through any doctor you choose. The best thing to do is to go to their web site and look for a doctor that way. I'm sure they have liver specialists that will work together to set a plan in motion for your care. I don't know where you are from, but a major cancer center usually works with a team approach to decide what is the best approach. You may need more tests to determine your risk with biopsy. Any biopsy in the liver runs the risk of bleeding or other complications. If I were you, since you are apprehensive, I would get a second opinion before proceeding, at the very least.

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I am seeing Dr Steven Curley at MD Anderson in Houston and he is wonderful - he is reputed to be among the top liver surgeons in the world - if you live near the Houston office (I have to fly in) try to get to see him

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Hi Norma,
I REALLY hope you're not facing liver cancer and that the biopsy finds some other reason for the mass you have. BTW, even though I was under the regular care of a GI doctor due to the colitis I developed at age 50, at 60 a 20cm malignant mass grew on the right lobe of my liver without being detected by twice yearly blood tests and exams. The first symptom I got was abdomen pain, increasing over time. My blood tests were and have always been normal.

I've been receiving treatment from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston since May 2010 and I really think that I would not be here now if I had not made the decision to go there (from Melbourne FL). They are annually rated the #1 cancer research hospital in USA by US News & World Report and my cousin who works for the NIH in Maryland as a reasearch nurse confirmed their stature amoung her colleagues. Oddly enough, there is an MD Anderson facility here in Florida (Tampa) which is not a member of my insurance group and which was not recommended by my FL oncologist. Go figure.

That being said, my oncologist there is:
Dr. Ahmed O. Kaseb, Assistant Professor, Dept. of GI Medical Oncology
Founder, Director, Hepatocellular Carcinoma Interdisciplinary Research Group (HIRG)
[Norma, this is big. It means he has the ear of the other medical disciplines who might be needed for your treatment]
(713) 792-2828

I didn't pick him, he picked me from the test results that were sent there by my local GI doctor. I had a HUGE tumor but didn't have any of the normal causes of HCC like Hep-C or cirhosis.

Good luck to you

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