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just a little hello from the colorectal forum and happy xmass to everyone in the lung cancer forum

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I am a stage 3 or maybe 4 colorectal. i have been in the colorectal forum for over a year, i post alot. i never sticky beak into other forums on csn.

but i have lost an aunty a year ago to lung cancer and my good friend as well a few months ago. another friend with lung cancer met from her breast cancer just last week. I have the greatest empathy for your battle its pretty tough!!!!!

i have made another great friend who is fighting his big lung cancer very hard.
he is a great dad with a lovelly family.
i told him about this site, but i don't think he has joined yet. i hope he does.

This looks like a good study, you see i have been on tcm for a year for my crc. that what we abbreviate collorectal cancer too.

its a small world but my tcm ( that traditional chinese medicine ) is given by a doctor. he did his phd in lung cancer and traditional chinese medicine. i feel he is the best in australia, he specialises in cancer patients only. i have great faith in his treatment for me. anyway i saw this article on the rgcc usa site with the lung cancer study.

again its mainly being posted for andrew, i hope he makes an appointment with henry, but of course we all have our own journeys with our cancer.


my tcm treatment costs me about $8 a day, which is less than the two coffees day day i have given up. of course my traditional doctors hate this stuff, but i have them under control.

i hope this is old news for you all, but if not here it is.

i did the rgcc test yesterday and want the results.

anyway merry xmass,

ps also found this one about lag time

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I would not advise TCM to the exclusion of western meds, but to each his own. Best wishes for a successful outcome and a happy holiday season yourself.

Take care,


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hi joe,

i start hyperthermia and iv vit c hopefully next week to manage the risk of becoming stage 4, i have just had a very bad blood test.

me neither about exclusive tcm, for my big colorectal t4n1m0 they did radio/hemo then surgery my chemo then surgery. so i am grateful for conventional and my alternatives.

the survival benefits for lung from tcm seem at least worth reading about. its only s small study but so much promise, its so easy the tcm herbs. i do them everyday.


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