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I'm off the high ferris wheel basket

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Good news, finally, yesterday.
Over 2 months ago, the regular CT found nodes in an enlarged thyroid. Pretty unlikely that it was metastacized kidney cancer, but could have been a new thyroid cancer, or not.
An ultrasound really didn't show too much different. Wait 2 months for an iodine tracer scan and yes there were nodes that weren't uptaking iodine, which meant they were thyroid "tissue"s-a cold and a cool nodule. Monday was the fine needle biopsy with ultrasound locator. It wasn't painful, but very uncomfortable with all the pressure downward making me feel like I was being choked.
Yesterday, I called for the prelim report on path that said they were benign. I'll keep my appointment with the oncologist and will need to follow up on what, if anything, should be addressed with my thyroid.
This has been the most stressful 2+ months...even more so than the first Dx of RCC or the two recurrences. All three of those times, we got the Dx, found out what to do, and scheduled surgery and got things over with. This time it was a long wait for a Dx. I felt like I was on the Ferris Wheel when it stops with you in the very top basket while others are getting on or off below you. I hated the feeling it gave me.
We are celebrating tonight with son/d-i-l/ and kids. This morning I met my dearest girl friend for brunch and we caught up on happenings.
I've been holding my breath and going like a bat our of **** to get things done before anything happened.
The other "good" news was that I was on Federal District Court Jury Duty -a 2.5 hour drive from home. They must have plea bargained, because my case was cancelled and I didn't have to report, which I found out by calling in the night prior.

Good wishes to everyone, and let's hope each of you in this "club" has some good news to share.

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Sounds like,

An early xmas present.
Prayers were answered,
You deserve a break today,
Let's try a roller coaster just for a change,
Let's celebrate,
How about a drink today,
Belated Thanksgining,
About time things turned out great,
What a club we have.

Best wishes,


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What a great analogy, congrats on getting your feet back on the ground. Whenever one of our club members is left dangling on top of the wheel we hold our collective breath until they make it down, I'm so glad your news was good!! I get on the wheel next week for my 2 year CT, I hope for a much shorter ride than you had to endure.

May we all continue to breath easy,


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I know before I found out I had cancer,the most stress I had was worrying about my mortgage payment or that piece of crap dodge truck I have breaking down,everything thing pales in comparison to being told we have cancer.I hope you had a nice celebration and in the future continue to have good fortune.

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