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Got PET scan results today...

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Kenny H.
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...And not what I really wanted to hear.Appears my cancer has metatisized to lungs. Multiple 5-7mm nodules in lungs all new compared to my last scan. Most have mild FDG activity with a SUV max of approximately 2.
Onc basically said I'll be on indefinate chemo. Had already done 12 rds of 5/fu and now wanted to put me on folfuri (sp)

Man Im getting scared now, thought after having rectum removed I was doing better (and was, back to work ect) and now hit with this!
I told him no offence but I wanted a 2nd opinion so they are scheduling me a apt. for MD Anderson in Houston.
Dont know if they will tell me anything different or not. Has anyone gotten any different/better results by going there for a opinion??

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Kenny, I'm so sorry. Your fear is understandable with this new news, but information and action usually help get that fear under control. I'm a cancer survivor's wife, so I won't pretend to know what you're going through first hand, but I do know that both my husband and I were terrified initially, and during that fear, we investigated MD Anderson. It's ranked #1 or #2 in the country for cancer treatment continually (depending on the year--seems to trade off back and forth with Sloan Kettering). My husband and I were prepared to go there--they are terrrific and comapassionate, even on the phone. We ended up at University of Colorado Hospital in Denver instead and have been thrilled with that choice, but by all accounts that I've checked (and I was pretty thorough), MD Anderson is topnotch and very reassuring and respectful of its patients. Even if they say the same thing as your current oncologist, at least you can feel confident about that treatment. Best of luck to you...hoping for a good outcome for you.

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Glenna M
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Kenny, so sorry to hear that you now have mets to the lungs. I know how scary it is but hang in there, they have so many treatment options that I'm sure they will find something that will work for you. I had laryngeal and lung cancer 2 years ago, went through chemo and radiation and was in remission for 2 glorious years. June of '11 I found out it was back and had spread to the other lung and lymph nodes also so I am back on chemo.

I'm not sure if many people got different results from a second opinion but I think you should get one just for your own piece of mind. This way you won't be wondering if you made the right choice.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing. We will help you through this.


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I am sorry that you got such results from your PET. By all means, you have a right to be scared. You have been on this path before. I have never went to MD but do hear it's one of the tops so you are very fortunate to be able to go there for a 2nd. If there is a better tx option, they will know. Stay strong Kenny, and never give up. You can beat this monster! God bless. Cheryl

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