Need Doctor Recommendation in Colorado Area ASAP!

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Hello All,
I’m new to this forum and helping my wife’s son researching his condition. He is a soldier stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado. He is 36 years old and in excellent health until yesterday.
He recently passed out while walking to his car to go to work. He met with an Army doctor who prescribed an MRI and referred him to a neurosurgeon in Colorado Springs. The diagnosis is grim. He has a neurocytoma tumor deep inside his brain. The doctor did not offer much in the way of hope stating that without surgery he would die in the next month and that with risky surgery the future was not much better.
Needless to say he and we are very concerned about this situation and trying to learn as much about the condition quickly. Our first thought is to have him get a second opinion as the neurosurgeon he met with has performed only one of these procedures.
We are trying to help him find the best neurosurgeon in the Colorado area for the second opinion. Any suggestions from you would be greatly appreciated as far as other treatment options, different doctors to see, etc.
Thanks so much in advance.


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    I do not have a recommendation for Colorado, sorry. But, I would like to recommend that you go to a hospital that specializes in neuro-oncology and brain cancer. Perhaps M.D. Anderson, Duke or San Francisco. I don't know which hospital is the best, but maybe you could research that. My daughter has Anaplastic Astrocytoma, grade 3, it was in her left frontal lobe and her speech and cognitive thinking was greatly impacted from surgery and treatment. The surgery alone can really change someone's life. We are going to start research which of those hospitals is the best ourselves. We live in Alaska and went to Seattle for treatment. We had good treatment but want to be prepared if we need to be. EAch hospital has a 'standard of care'. Find out how often they treat this dreadful disease. God's Blessings to you and your friend. Remember to pray - it so powerful and it works!
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    No-one in Colorado, but you
    No-one in Colorado, but you are close enough to California that you should contact UCLA neuro dept, they are one of the best. My son is being treated out of HOAG hospital in Newport Beach, Dr. Duma, also one of the best.

    I wish you the best, never give up HOPE and keep searching for the right Doctor, they all have different treatment beyond the "standard of care" which does not prolong your life for very long.