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large t cell non hodgkins lymphoma

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Hey everyone,
I was writing in regards about my father. He was recently diagnosed with large t cell non hodgkins lymphoma. The doctors first thought it was large b and now they comfirmed it is the t. He has stage two. Some lumps in his neck and some in his armpit. Hopefully, he starts his chemo monday. I know this is rare but i was wondering if anyone has any information about this. Just a scary time and want some answers.

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I am not up on the T-Cell type,but someone on here may be. There are so many types of this disease and it seems like they are coming up with a newer type all the time.I have the typical B-cell type. You will fine a lot of people here that will always try and answer your concerns and questions. John

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Hi Shiela,
I also have B-Cell Follicular NHL so I 'm also not up to date on T-Cell information. I have found when I have more questions than answers and do not want to sift through the tons of info on the net, I'll make a list of questions to submit to my doctor. With this being your father having cancer, maybe you can call his doctors nurse and ask if you can come in and get a few of your questions answered. Your fathers clinic should have literature for you to read that is directly aimed at his type of cancer. Keep checking back with the group, as I know we do have members with T-cell sub types. Take care and let us know if you need anything. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. I'll keep your father in my prayers.
Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10) age 61

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The only large T-cell lymphomas that I am aware of are Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) or the CD30+ or CD30- lymphomas. There are, by some reports, 74 varieties of lymphomas currently recognized. I am in treatment for Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma - Not Otherwise Specified (PTCL-NOS), which is an unclassified type of PTCL. We can probably fill you in a little more if you can determine his exact diagnosis. In any event, a second opinion may be crucial to effective treatment, since many oncologists may never have encountered his particular variety before. A second opinion saved my life.

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@po18guy- You mention that you are in treatment for peripheral T cell Lymphoma NOS. Can you elaborate how a second opinion has saved your life? This is great news for you! The reason I ask is that preliminary results show that my 63 year old dad has PTCL NOS. We are scared out of our minds. His final diagnosis is scheduled for this Friday. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Hooco01@yahoo.com

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I had this type of NHL 18 years ago,, chemo was really bad but meds have improved over the years and I hope your dad does well. I was 37 when diagnosed. I think there are several sub types of t cell NHL. Just wanted you to know survival is possible and probable. Andrea

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