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New treatment I'm starting

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I went to my naturopathic Dr. yesterday for an appt to go over all the many supplements I'm taking, see if anything needed to be changed or modified, and to see if he had any ideas for me now that I've been told that there's no more traditional/medical treatment that I can be given or qualify for. He was all excited to share with me something new he learned about recently... there is a doctor/research scientist in the UK (Dr. J. Grinstein) who has been having some really good sucesses. Using an all natural molecular serum of some sort, the DNA of the cancer stem cells gets repaired and transforms the cancer cells into natural, healthy cells. I was skeptical at first in hearing about this, as there are so many supposed cures, claims, and quacks out there- how does one know who to listen to and who not to? So I listened further, went home and researched on the internet, read the material, and watched the DVD. I went ahead and sent an inquiry email late last night. At 9:30 this morning, I got a call from Dr. Grinstein and we spoke about 40 minutes- he explained the science of how it works, the all natural/organic/juicing/vegetarian diet that must go with it, and answered my questions.
I asked about the cost, as some alternative treatments I've checked into in Mexico and the one with Dr. Burzinsky in Texas cost close to $30,000. I was told the cost for a 40 day supply for my dosage (which is the highest dosage due to the extent of my tumors) was $2,500. BUT- he told me he doesn't want the cost to keep me from getting the treatment. He believes in it & is sending the first few vials free of charge. The second shipment I will need to pay for, but he said not to worry about the money yet- he would send the shipment first and we could work out and agree on an amount that I can afford to pay. He said there some foundations that sponsor the cost for patients who cannot pay.

Dr. Grinstein said that several European countries are close to approving it & that many people will soon be able to be treated in this way. He said the US likely will never approve it though, as our FDA won't approve anything that isn't made from a drug or chemical. He has already treated over 3,000 patients in this way with 95% of those people having a "good response". I asked him what exactly he meant by a good response- he said it varied from patient to patient- some had tumor growth stop when their tumors were aggressively growing before- some had tumor sizes reduced in half and then became stable, and many patients had the cancer completely disappear.

I have a CT scan tomorrow (Thurs, Dec 1st), so he wants that to be the baseline and for me to start on the treatment Friday. It's amazing to me that something can be FedEx'd that quickly from England to my house in California! I need to send him my records and a copy of the CT scan and report. He will be in contact with me, checking on me as I begin, etc. I will get another scan after 30 days. He said to expect that the scan after 30 days will show no more cancer growth. After 60 days, he expects that the scan would show tumor shrinkage. Some people on the video clips who have been on the treatment stated that they started feeling better and having more energy after just a few days of the treatment. Supposedly, because the serum/extract is made from natural nutritional/food products, no patient has reported any negative side effects except some had diarrhea.

So, here goes another adventure for me that I hope and pray will allow me to live and get rid of this lousy advanced cancer! My oncologist really doesn't hold out any hope for me, so I feel I haven't gotten anything to lose by trying this (except money, but if it can cure me, it would be well worth it). Sounds like he's willing to work with me on that!

If any of you feel like checking into it, the website is www.gc100.com
The man's name is Dr. J. Grinstein, and he's located in England/UK.

I am still going to continue my vegan diet, but Dr. Grinstein did ask me not to take any vitamins or supplements for at least the first month of the treatment, as he wants my "digestive energies" in my body (as he called it) to go all to this formula and absorbing it into my system so it goes as quickly as possible to my many tumors.

There is still HOPE! :)


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It is so good to hear the hope back in your post. We are all hoping for good results. Lisa

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This sounds very hopeful! Thank you for sharing. You'll have to keep us posted on your progress.

") JP

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Very interesting indeed. Like you said there is nothing to loose except money. Hope it is good for you.

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It is good to feel your optimism, Lisa:)

Will be anxiously looking forward to hearing how this is for you. The very best of luck to you!


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I am excited to hear more about this. Good for you to try it. There is always hope and a positive outlook does help.
Please keep us posted, every step of the way.
Many Hugs,

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I suspect we employ many similar things, probably short on vegetable concentrates, but use more components in vitmains etc.

A major concern to me is component coverage (important components) and quantity, enough to be (most) effective. *I would ask for a composition label* similar to labels on complex supplement formulas. Otherwise you (us, too) don't know what you're getting, what your treatment is , how credible the formula really is. You risk precious time where your "shots" are precious and risk being trapped without info. Go ahead get the samples but then (now) is the time to insist on a real label.

$2500 for 40 days ($62.50/day)? I expect heroic coverage and quantity at $10 wholesale of contained goodies.

I repeatedly saw only "grapeseed extract" and vegetable concentrates. Okay that's a small start. We use things like 300 mg grapeseed extract at home for my wife where 1000 mg/day of 95% grapeseed extract, is a huge amount, and would cost 8 cents (1000 mg) at small volume wholesale (I'm in the midst of switching from 300 mg pills mail order to bulk 1 kg powder). We should reasonably expect a significant markup (6-10x?) for speedy access, handling, formulation, support and expertise but these expectations are often exceeded.

Chemical groups named, "Trepenes (sic, terpenes), Organosulfides, Aromatic Isothiocyanates, Indoles, Dithiolethiones, Phenols, Flavonoids, Tannins, Ellagic Acid, Gluccarates, Nerolidol" doesn't tell us much without mcg, mg weight estimates of some kind. I presume less expensive sources than most here may. Normally supplements cite source as an extract, like "green tea extract, 95% polyphenols, 50% EGCG - 600 mg" but at least mg quantities of the groups contained would be vital estimates whatever the source.

"Some of these micro-compounds act as blocking agents and suppressing factors at various stages of the carcinogenic process. In addition to the above mentioned micro-compounds, there are more than 500 other molecules with anti-tumour properties, present in fruit and vegetables, that have been identified in the last decade. There may well be more than 1000 other compounds, each with a similar activity, but still unidentified." This seems like avoiding important source or composition description if the composition label isn't available.

You might want to ask both your naturopath and the researcher for specific thoughts on cimetidine (we use digestive supplements), fish oil, silymarin and vitamin D content during the initial period.

The approach, ok we use such things as part of the whole kitchen sink. The trick is to get an effective comprehensive formula. We're all rooting for you Lisa.

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I will find out more about it today & yes, I definitely do want more info on ingredients and what makes up the extract exactly. When he initially said "no vitamins or supplements for at least the first month", I didn't think to ask him at that time about a few specific things such as the vitamin D, cimetidine, and a couple of minerals that I take that help keep my bone aches away. I will let everyone know when I find out more info. I am expecting to hear from the doctor sometime today (Thurs).


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fight like hell baby!
google rgcc usa its worth a gamble.
i was just going to say what tanstaafl said. only joking.
but getting specifics is essential.

look at the list of the botanicals tested by rgcc
i am on tcm, acai, vit c, iscador, aspirin, tumeric etc etc
even the antimalerial athemether is on the rgcc test.
would it be funny if my getting maleria killed the floating ctc's

obviously we have different challenges, but some of the same services maybe of value.
effectively targetted therapies seems reasonable.

the one size fits all approach used by onc's and our governments, seems way way off when we know how unique our crc's are. whats the word hetrogeniety.

so i believe their are many magic bullets, some for you and some for me. i hope you find yours. a friend of mine is going to buzinski.

not wasting time on dead ends, is good.

just lots of prayers lisa, and go for it!


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Hoping that you see some positive results from this. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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Go for it!!!! Like Pete said in his recent post when the doctor told him he'd be better off saving his money for his kids: They'd rather have a father than a few extra bucks.
Obviously science does not have all the answers to this terrible disease.
We are rooting for you!

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Dear Lisa,

I am so glad that you found another option. I will say extra prayers that this will help you. I will call you this week so we can catch up. You are in my thoughts every day.


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Kenny H.
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Interesting, hoping this will give you some good results from this. Will be following your progress.

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Sounds promising. Thirty days is not a long time to wait for results.
Good Luck and keep us informed. Praying for you.

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I was glad to hear this info came from your nauturopath. I hope it helps a lot. It has always been my belief that something good will come out of the UK, maybe China, or Japan. Not that there isn't greed there, but it is almost impossible to make headways here. It doesn't have to be that way, but big money wins, and all the other red tape is plain- a$$ insane. I wish you the best. I would love to stop making the fat cats fatter.....just goes against my principles.

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It sounds like a plan!
Keep us posted. Wishing you the best

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I am very excited and hopeful for you!
In the Light,

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I knew you would come up with something....and you have!!! and boy does it sound interesting. I am so hoping this is the key...your key. Please do keep us informed on ALL aspects of this. I am anxious just to hear what is in this extract. Take care


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There is still hope! I'm very interested to hear more
about how things go.
Your light is so strong.

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Lisa, you are such a fighter and you are so positive and inspiring to me...I pray that this new treatment works for you. Hugs and prayer, Teri

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Hey Lisa, just wondering have you heard any more about your new treatment, any idea of what is actually in the mix??

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I will ask more specifics when I talk to the doctor next, which will likely be Wednesday although possibly Tuesday. I'll get back to you :) I know of certain vegetable concentrates in it, but don't know everything yet.


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I'm so glad you have a new plan in place. Sounds promising. I hope it helps you!

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Great to hear you so upbeat and full of hope! I asked our Dr. at the Mayo Clinic about stem cell research/fighting cancer and he mentioned Rochester (sp) New York. I haven't had time to inquire about it yet, but maybe it's an option in the future. I am planning to check it out over Christmas break.

Good luck with this new treatment.

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Hi Lisa,
I'm glad you are finding things to help you fight! You have always been very supportive and kind to all!
Wishing you the best!

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Hi Lisa

I hope the treatment is working for you. I'd be really interested in hearing how it has helped, my niece has just started this treatment but I have since found some dodgy information about this Grinstien person...


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Hi Alex,  

I know you're looking for answers and will be reading many old posts.  It's probably best not to respond to old posts but rather start a new one.  Lisa42 died last 

year.  If there is a member you want to reach out to check to see the last time they were on the board by clicking their name but better to just ask the question in a new post.



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This treatment was not successful for Lisa, and I'm glad that you have researched further checking out the possible "treatment", as all to often on this site and others, you have people touting supplements that they are spending a fortune on that do not work, other then to take away their hard earned money from them.  And this goes for treatments as well, so it is wise to investigate, ask (as you just did) and research.

I hope the very best for you.

Winter Marie

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dear alex,

lisa was a fighter, she never gave up, her example inspired me, many others. 

she died, but she tried, was the money of the supplements or therapies wasted. its subjective, we should make our own decision, free of persuasion.

you likely found lisa post because you are searching for therapies that have the potential to heal.

if you have time read my messy blog, seach on media release for a summary.

lisa was a kind caring angel, now she is with angels. thankyou again for reminding me of a dear friend.

feel free to pm me if you have questions about non conventional therapies, discussing them in open causes stress for those who don,t believe in them here, so i respect  for the conservatives pm me.



ps blog petertrayhurn.blogspot.com.au

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