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Stage 3 Brain Cancer

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My best friend had brain surgery to remove a tumor that was the size of a softball from his frontal lobe. Tney just got the test results back today and they said it was a stage 3 and that they are going to start radiation next week, followed by chemotherapy. If anyone here has had this, or knows someone who has.. let me know your experiences good OR bad. In all honesty... what are his chances? Don't sugar coat it, please be realistic and honest if you do respond to this. Thank you in advance.

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Also, he is 23 years old.

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Stage 3, what kind of brain cancer? Thats what makes the diffrence in this.

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Hi there

All of us here have either 1st hand experience with brain tumours (like me) or are carers for a loved one. The severity of a grade III all depends on the type of tumour, how much is able to be removed and your friend's response to radiotherapy and chemo.

Keep up with positive thinking and be there throughout the journey for when you're needed (you will be).

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Well your friends journey has just begun, as you can tell by this site everyone has a different story to tell, some better than other's. The size of a softball is a large tumor, how much did they remove? Did he/she have surgery? It sounds like they are going to try to shrink it first?

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