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Wondering about Buzzard...anyone know how he is doing?

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It has been several weeks since Jennie gave us an update and was wondering if anyone had any more recent news.

Marie who loves kitties

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Joined: Jun 2010

I was wondering the same thing.

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Me too.....

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I just keep hoping to see a post from him in his "kick a---, take names" style. Lisa

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I keep checking here to hear from him.


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I was just thinking about him.

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Me too, I hope he will post soon. Many of you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

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I am calling him tomorrow.......... Let ya'll know if I hear anything.


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Posts: 3372
Joined: Jan 2010

Please let him know he is missed and prayers are coming his way that he is doing better.

Marie who loves kitties

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hey Jennie, did you get ahold of Buzz? how is he doing? please let him know we are worried and keeping him in our prayers.


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Yeah, I miss him, too. Been wondering...


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Hugs !

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and called....and called...and called.... He will not answer and will not return my calls. Yes, I am getting worried again. His Mom said to call her anytime but I don't want to keep bothering the family. I just think if everything was ok we would have heard from him by now.....SEVERAL people have sent him xmas cards...still NO ONE hears from him. I don't know...what do you guys think???


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I hate to bother the family, or for Buzz to think we gave up, Oh what the heck its a simple phone call just to find out if he is ok.


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Do you really think Buzz would think we stopped caring about him? I doubt that. He's stated how he needs a break, I don't think he'd make that up.
Jennie, you found his Mom after searching on his last name like I suggested, and she said "to call her anytime".
So call her...

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His mom said to call and it is tge holiday season. It might make him feel better if he knew we were thinking of him. This is a perfectly appropriate time to try to contact someone.

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....that Buzz is SICK off his *** - and I mean sick sick. Folfiri is acting on him like it did on me last year. So, I can only tell you from my experience with it that death seems a warmer invitation when you are that ill...and that's the truth.

Some folks do very well on that drug or any drugs for that matter. Folks like me and apparently like Buzz (at least for Folfiri) have a bad time. I was sick out of my mind 25 days out of 30 for over six-months. I feel his pain, I think Buzz is sick the entire month, so that's a big whuppin'.

I know I logged onto the board regularly and read posts to keep up with everybody. On the days, I felt like I could post, I would, but there were many days, where I was so sick, I couldn't even read posts, because it was just too involved or overwhelming.

Buzz may be reading or he may just be "off-line" until he gets to the point where he wants to share. My 3rd recurrence had me reassessing thoughts, feelings, theories etc. etc. I was fighting off "Self-Doubt" and trying to stay motivated.

I have no doubt that this is "where" Buzz is right now. I sure don't want to speak for him, but I think it's safe to say he is in some serious contemplation these days - and I get that, I really do.

If he is checking the boards, he knows everyone is concerned and thinking of him. If he is not on the boards, then he knows that we do.

With life, all things will come in due time. Buzz must be pretty sick to not be able to touch base.

Jennie, you have tried to contact him. Thank you for that. But, it appears to me that he wants to be off the radar at this time in his life. I think we should give him the room and space he needs right now. He's got the message and pounding on him might exasperate the situation. Perhaps, periodically drop him an email or give him a call - and see if he responds.

When Buzz is ready...I'll know he'll get word to us somehow.

Love ya', Jen:)


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he still has to contend with a stoma....For instance, the irritation/pain in the rectum due to severe diarrhea is quite different than the irritation/infection around the stoma area, especially if it affects keeping the bag affixed properly as the stoma pumps out its product......As one who so readily offered words of support,advice and comfort
to so many of us here when we first signed on to this site and thereafter, Buzz has to be hurting and in need of time for himself.........Like all of you, i anticipate his eventual return to duty, so to speak......

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I'm just praying for Buzz. Jennie, maybe one phone call to his mom wouldn't hurt, then drop it after that & let Clift have his space.
I don't think he'd be bothered or his mom would be bothered to know we all care and are wondering about him.

Take care-

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I pray for everyone here, but I highly doubt his mom would think we're bugging her about Clift. I think he knows he's loved, but I hate not hearing about him.

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Kenny H.
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Sometimes a break from cancer talk helps. Ive done it many times, its good to let things ride for a spell. He'll be back.

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When you're really sick and you wonder if the cure is going to kill you, then maybe it would be nice to hear from the people that love you, to know they still haven't forgotten about you, just because you are too dang sick to even get on the computer.
I know if I was going through all that, I would hope that my csn family would actually pick up the phone and call one of my relatives to see if A, I'm still alive and B, just to leave a message letting me know I'm not crossed off as dead. Just saying ahead of time people what I would want.
Winter Marie

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I can honestly say that Buzz helped me more with my Cancer/Stoma than anyone could. One of his heart to heart emails to me suggested I take a break from the CSN boards and he was dead on w/ that for me. Maybe he is taking a dose of that for himself. I just hope and pray he is ok. He will return when he can, we all do!! He knows he is loved here.

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Thinking about you and miss you Buzz!

Love and hugs, Gail

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Hope you are doing ok. Think about you often.


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In ringing his mom, if she said you can contact her any time. Not technically calling Buzz, but his mom. Since I've been on the board, I know we all look out for each other like families do. Buzz always asks if he hasn't seen someone post in a while, so do it Jennie please.

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