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Glad and fortunate to report that my latest psa reading was undetectable !! It's been almost 2 years since davinci surgery and adjuvant radiation and things couldn't be better. For a recap, I was diagnosed as clinical T1C but after surgery it was determined to be T3A. My gleason remained the same (3+4) 7, but the prostate was 75% involved with extraprostatic extension and a positive margin, no seminal vessel or lymph node involvement. I didn't suffer any incontinence and I am very thankful for that. No impotence either !!! As is the case with any of us who have had radiation, problems could arise in the future but for now all is well. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all who suffer from this disease a speedy recovery, and continued success with your treatments. Have a safe and happy holiday season and good luck.

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Congratulations for the continuous Remission.
You serve as an excellent example in the success of the combi RP plus adjuvant RT (not so common treatment). Many guys are confronted with the decision on to radiate or not when given a post-op path report indicating EC-extension and positive margins and a low PSA in the remission levels. Your case proves that PSA is important but not the sole driving force behind a decision.
Wishing you many enjoyable years in the beautiful lands of the “ALOHA”


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great news. how long after surgery did you find you had no issue with ED? I ha d the surgery a little more than 2 weeks ago. Nio real issue with incontinence just a few drops here and there late in day. Have some erctions after first 10 days not oak but soft pine. One night however woke up with a good one. Wondering how long to you see if you are normal.

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recovery from ED is age related. Likihood for recovery is great at your age.

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Dan, great to hear of your continued success with your treatments. Here's hoping for many more great test results!


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Happy to hear about your results…We had treatment around the same time (2 years for me March 3) with a pending PSA test coming up Friday with all Zeros to date…

For a recap, I was diagnosed as clinical T2A but after surgery it was determined to be T3B. My Gleason remained the same (4+3) 7, but my prostate was 18% involved with extraprostatic extension, one positive margin, and involvement with the right seminal vessel. My lymph nodes were clear as well.

Like you I was truly blessed and I didn't suffer any incontinence…

My surgeon (William Catalona) recommended adjunct but my Oncologist and myself agree to wait and see…I truly hate the days prior to my PSA test and waiting for results…Best to all this holiday season…

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My stats are identical to yours (T3b-seminal vessicle invasion etc). I had a RP last March and have been going through the agony of waiting for the next PSA test results. So far been <.03 but I know it's going to be a long road ahead. I'd be interested in keeping in touch to see how our future treatments compare(if any) and the approach of our doctors. If you're interested just let me know and I'll pass on some additional details. Regards. JCM

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Congrats on your excellent news.


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Congrats and mahalo for sharing such wonderful news!

Wishing you and yours all the very best for a happy & healthy holiday season!

mrs pjd

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Great news!! Congratulations. Just wondering whether your Da Vinci was bilateral nerve sparing. In any case,with some penile rehab and Kegal, you should be able to ward off or at least alleviate some of the possible future radiation side effects.
Happy Holidays !!

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Both nerve bundles were spared

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