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Friends like you - good news but worried still

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Well, I'm back after a couple weeks away. I had my 9 month follow up and all is just fine. PET CT, DRE/anoscopy, and labs ... very good and normal. I pray this continues.

I had a rough start with diagnosis and didn't get treatment going until 8 weeks after biopsy. I worry about that delay. It was Christmas and they didn't seem in a hurry to get me going (and this was an NCI designated Cancer Center affiliated with a teaching University) ... anyone else delayed in getting treatment started? And the tumor was high grade ... which makes me worry more about metastasis. I was stage one, so they said ... so I hope I'm okay. The tumor was small 1.4 cms ... and most was removed with the biopsy. However, there were margins and I worry that the biopsy procedure may have caused cells to travel via the blood to "other places" ... and are growing, too small yet to be seen.

Any encouragement??? Have you any thoughts on my worries?

Thanks friends ... coming back to the site is comforting. I see your photos and kind words and feel supported and not so alone.

xoxo Happy Holidays to each of you!

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My treatment started about a month after biopsy. I was kind of concerned about the delay, but guess the wheels turn slowly sometimes. I was stage 2 and it was large. I also worried about the biopsy disturbing the area, but guess my worries were unfounded because two PET scans have indicated that I'm cancer free. CEA blood work indicated it, too. I also had about 10 day break in radiation due to hospitalization and almost didn't want to finish the last five treatments, but I did and I made it. You will, too!!!! Great news on your test results! I'm a few months behind (excuse the pun - ha!) you. Completed treatments in June.
Happy Holidays!

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This is great news on your follow-up tests--congratulations! I understand your concern about not beginning your treatment for a few weeks after biopsy, as I didn't start mine for about 6 weeks after biopsy. But I am here 3+ years later and cancer-free (as far as I know). I see my colorectal doc tomorrow for DRE and anoscopy. I really think there is no need for you to worry about the cancer being found somewhere else, but I can certainly understand. I think we all worry about that from time to time. Right now, focus on those excellent test results and also the holidays. I hope yours are happy!

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Good morning!
Sounds like things are moving along well for you...but understand your concerns.
For my first diagnosis in 2010 my treatment started within 2 wks. I know now I was stage 2 with a 6cm tumor. (the drs said it was very small & no worry!) Then this year my cancer was recurrent but tumor was 2cm. I did seek a 2nd opinion & chose Goshen Cancer Center where most of the drs trained/practiced at larger centers. Things were more delayed this time but I was also told anal cancer is 'slow moving' so its ok to delay treatment. I had surgery & they were able to remove all plus some surrounding tissue. (& no need for radiation). Although I know I still have some 'cells' they'll keep watching (scope every 3 months), my oncology drs feel at this time the cancer is gone. My previous drs wanted to do APR surgery & I thank God I got a 2nd opinion!
I highly recommend seeking a 2nd opinion, ask many questions. I've got alot of answers from others here on this 'board'.
Praying the best for you...may you continue to heal.

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Great news on your follow up. I had a 6 month delay in tx as I thought I had hemroids and didn't go to the dr. I was stage II, and I completed tx 6-30-09 and I am fine now. Now you being a stage I your % of cure rate is higher than mine and mine was 80%, so I'm going to tell you that you are going to be just fine. I wish you continued great news. Lori

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I didn't get treated right away either. It was several weeks between my original biopsies and the beginning of treatment. And I know the disease was growing for a l-o-n-g time before diagnosis (I had two external growths, and one of them was there for at least a year before it was properly diagnosed). Three years out now and doing well. I guess it could come back, or mestastasize (sp?), but there are so many things that COULD happen that don't - I guess I feel that worrying about them won't do any good, so why do it? I think about it, sure, but I try not to worry about things that may never happen. I don't think I phrased that very well, hope you know what I mean. Time for bed... :)

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You have a lot in your favor. The tumor was small and stage 1. Anal cancer is said to be slow growing. Although I began treatment shortly after diagonsis, the tumor was 2.5 cm and I was stage 111a because I had lymph node involvement. That was 2 1/2 years ago and thank God I am here today and doing well.

I think the time between diagnosis and treatment is important, but what matters more is the size and whether it has spread. I was told that the tumor I had had most likely been growing for two years.

Your tumor was detected very early and stage 1 and that is reason to be confident that it is gone for good!


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I am really positive and happy and active and pursuing new things and supporting my 90 old mother in law who I love dearly thru end cc. This cancer that we have been fighting for the past three years that had no prior symptom than anemia is ******* relentless. I am going for a breast biopsy next Friday. I have been fighting precancer and cancer for 30 f*****g years. What is is doing to her is really******* pissing me off. We have one final hope called photo something therapy that sounds promising for now. This new tumor in her lung grew so fast and is obrusting her major airway. We need to speak with her onc ASAP. I am saying all this because I need to 7243 I am with you, this **** is scary. On the other hand I believe you should get as much out of life as you can every moment you are here. Do not waste this time you have. Live like you have never lived before. I have always known my destiny, I lived well, I loved well, I have no regrets. There is god and another world at the end. There is a book about a little boy who died and went to heaven, get tht book, it will make you feel better. But live don't worry so much, we can't change it. some people will survive and be fine and some will not. That is reality, reality is harsh maybe too harsh for most. This is just my opinion unedited.

Today I ran on.

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Thank you for your kind support...I'm doing okay these days. Meditating, preping for the holidays and thankful to be doing well. Chat with you all soon ... PhoebeSnow ... so sorry about your Mom.


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