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Life's Many Blessings

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Today my hubby & I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary!! Inspite of all that we've been thru over the years we're still best friends & closer then ever.
Our journey has taken us along the 'cancer road' many times. First in 2006 were his parents...mom with lung to brain & dad with lukemia. We moved back from TN to live & care for them that whole year. As hard as it was at times, we wouldn't have given up the special time we had with them. Mom passed away June 6, 2006. And dad Dec 6, 2006.
Then in 2008, my step-daughter had a rare eye cancer. But after they placed a radiation chip in her eye, the tumor continues to shrink. She'll eventially loose sight in that eye but its a small price to pay to be cancer free.
Next in 2010 was my turn to deal with cancer. My sweet hubby took very good care of me thru my battle. And after all the treatments, we felt very lucky when they said I was in remission. It was nice while it lasted! Then Aug. of this year started my next battle when they said it was 'recurrent'. But it was what I like to call 'a blessing in disguise'! From doing alot of research both online & talking to other people, we learned so much that we can now share it with others. And we found a great cancer center. (& on Wed. I'll meet with my oncology drs to confirm they got all the cancer with the recent surgery.)
So as crazy as this roller coaster ride has been for us, (& not always fun either!) we are blessed in so many ways. We have 5 kids between us, 6 grandkids, our 2 pups. We have a roof over our heads & food on the table. We enjoy traveling & been to some great places so far. So in sickness or health....we're together on this journey for the long haul!

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May god continue to bless you on your journey. I am playing for a good outcome from your recent surgery.

That is a beautiful picture of the two of you.

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Thank you for sharing your journey. Your strength and endurance is inspirational. Wishing you healing and strength.

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Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Your strength is amazing, both as an individual and as a couple, as you've had to deal with more than your share of cancer in your family. My husband and I just celebrated our 40th. anniversary in early November and my wish for you is that you both enjoy good health so that you can celebrate such a milestone too! May you always be blessed with happiness!

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I have been married for 32 years. My husband is a 3 time cancer survivor. I watched him battle cancer each time with courage. He was there for me from the start of treatment to the finish. Now we try to make the bad days good and the good days great! Bless you ~Carol

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