my husband

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my 56 year old husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in april of 2010. since then he has had two surgeries, followed by radiation to lungs. things were quiet for 9-10 months. CTscan showed lymphnode involvement in chest. started 6 weeks of radiation but only got through 1 &1/2 weeks of this when he ended up in ER with severe headache vision changes and balance issues. I prayed it was a stroke! no such luck! metastisis to the brain. they immediately started full brain radiation(12 treatments) followed by stereotactic radio surgery to 3 tumors in the brain. This knocked any bit of life out of him! he has lost his hair, has absolutely no appetite, and I have to force him to drink carnation instant breafast and anything liquid. he is smoking again! and just sits or lays in bed it has been over a month sinc his full brain radiation! I am struggling with his lack of fight and lack of interest in his life. and mine.
they were going to go right into chemo but the ct scan showed with 7 treatments to lymphs, there was some improvement. so we start the radiation again tomorrow.
I need help understanding what he is feeling. and he won't talk about it.
Am I wrong for being angry at his lack of interest in his treatment and life. help!