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Righ hepatic lobectomy

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This will be my third liver surgery. The first 2 were wedge sections on my right lobe. The last one over 4 years ago. This time they are going to take my entire right lobe in hopes of getting it all. My surgery is this Friday. Anyone have any similar experiences they would be willing to share with me?


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Can not help you but wanted to wish you a complete success.


Brenda Bricco
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Hi Jeff, we seem to be on the same schedule. God willing my Husband will have the blood supply cut off in December and right side of his liver resected in January. Good luck! I hope it all goes perfectly.

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Had my third liver resection 2 weeks ago which this time was removing the entire right lobe. They also found that the tumor attached to my diaphram so the removed a piece of my diaphram as well. The recovery is definately much tougher and longer than my 2 previous smaller wedge resections. No other cancer was found with the ultra sound. All three times it shwed up as a single tumor on the far right side of my liver. The surgeon hopes by removing the entire right lobe will get any microscopic cells that might still exist. Especially since I have never had any evidence of disease elsewhere in the past six years.

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Sounds like your recovering well, take it easy, hard to do during this busy holiday season.

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Take care !

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and wish you the very best for your surgery. I've done five surgeries so far (but no liver), and know how challenging they can be, especially around the holidays (one of my stays was so close to Christmas I had a tree and lights in my room). I hope yours goes very well, and will be the one that does the trick! Ann

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I only had one liver resection and that was in Sept 2004. I had 60-70% of it removed and had an HAI pump installed. That's been clear ever since. By now you've had your surgery, I hope it was successful and that they got it all.

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