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Newbie - here for my 80 year old Dad

Love my Daddy
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I am so glad this network is available. I am looking for support and the right questions to ask. My Dad has a "left renal mass" that doctor says is 80% likely kidney cancer.He has had PET scan, CT scans without and with contrast, xray. He was in significant pain and the pain was alleviated by a stent. His ureter looks like a corkscrew in the films. He's been told there is no spread to his bladder. Doctor wants to do an open radical nephrectomy.

After the his last stent placement and scan, they found an abdominal aortic aneurysm (as if the other stuff wasn't enough). We were sent to a vascular surgeon. The aneurysm is large enough to be concerned but not enough to perform surgery immediately. The vascular surgeon wanted another CT scan (related to the aneurysm)-- this was today. The follow up appointment is Friday.

The tentative plan is to fix the aneurysm and then do the kidney removal. The surgeons sound like they want to do all of this before the end of the year. Given his age and the significance of the surgeries, I am concerned about recovery time and too much too soon. Any suggestions regarding questions for both surgeons is appreciated.

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I have no advice, but wanted to offer my support. I am sending good thoughts and prayers out for your dad. My dad didn't have a Cancer diagnosis (my mom did) but he has Vasuclar disease and had a graft fail after 9 yrs. They went in to make a new one and encountered a bunch of problems the original graft had caused. He was in the hospital for quite a while but is much better now. I hope all goes well for your dad.

Love my Daddy
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Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. Your support is greatly appreciated. I am glad your Dad is doing much better.

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Hi LmD,

Two major surgeries on someone 80 years old in a short time span indicates there may be a strong sense of urgency for each. Much depends on the size and location of the aneurysm and the size etc. of the renal mass, I'd put your faith in the docs on this one. If his general health has been good otherwise, he should be fine and recovery from two surgeries weeks or months apart might not be any easier for him to deal with. You are in my thoughts and prayers, keep us posted.

Good luck and God speed,


Love my Daddy
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Well said....it is a double whammy. I appreciate the support. So far we are pleased with the docs. Overall, he has been in good health but last few years -- some health issues -- he has a pacemaker and also had a TURP procedure. He did well after these procedures. We'll keep gathering information and keep positive thoughts. Thank you.

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