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GRATEFFUL to be awake and alive another day AND that is allot...

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Never been SO grateful that it's November 29th (FYI-there is Nothing special about today's date, it's the fact of being alive. Could be Dec 4th!). It's cool outside, sun is coming up behind a cloudy looking morning. I built a fire, in Florida! Silly but great fun.

I am so damn grateful to be alive and every day I wake up-alone or with my helpmate (she needs that sleep when she knows I can do my own medicine now and not burn our house down sleeping with a cigarette (Chemosmoker for a reason) and so I let her sleep! She looks SO peaceful!

I catch up on the board here...

Just thought that with all the complicated issues and posts and pain and questions, it is a good time for a GOOD MORNING, Are you grateful to be alive today like me? I am. Share it!

God bless you all. I love you each and every one..

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It's been a hard week in our house hold but I am glad we are all here to experience it together. This was a great post for me to read today as I need to face the day with courage and being reminded that just waking up is something to be grateful for will help me find gratitude in many places.

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Nick broke his cold & fever, so he woke feeling much better today. Makes it a GOOD day for me as well!

Glad you woke feeling good today also, Eric!

Sunny & 40 degrees in Iowa. Not too bad for a late November day :)

Love & Hugs to you both!


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Good morning my love. It is a beautiful morning in deed and having a working structure that has now become our "new normal" is working for now. These are things to be grateful for this morning. You are a ray of sunshine in and of yourself. I am happy you are here and happy you are doing well! Hope all are having a day full of grace and beauty.


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Look forward to your posts. Another beautiful morning 65 at the beach clouds are rolling in but I look forward to a grey rainy day to snuggle in bed with my little jack russell CC although she will want to walk in the rain thats what I have rain gear for that and left over from our sailing days.The right gear can make a very pleasant walk in the rain especialy when its 65 smell of the wet fall leaves and all the colors red yelow orange so vibrant.Good day to still be alive .Preparing for christmas so the 2 youngest 26 and 21 will think Im not a total scrooge.Must make my goodies for the nurses at Maryview they love my fudge,datenut bread,patries and creamcheee almond pound cake.Christmas in the nursery and labor and delivery is very special we have volunteers that make felt stockings big enough to put the babies in soo festive,Waiting for my pet scan end of dec to track the progression or maybe none who knows?Eating problems again back to oatmeal bananas and yogurt and soup was able to choke down turkey finely chopped gravy stuffing fresh cranberry sause and asperagusfinely chopped with hollandiase and my favorite haymon potatoes( cross between white and sweet grown on the eastern shore of maryland and taste lie acorn squash.My oldest daughter wanted pumpkin cheeecake for her birthday it was very light fluffy and easy to eat.Hope you got to enjoy some thanksgiving and you and Michele are doing as best you can.Is florida your final destination and was it hard to set up hospice in a different state?How is the ascites?(liver fluid)hope you got relief and can enjoy some indian summer days take care praying for you and michelle Meg

Wife of patient...
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I am greatful! My husband..Dan.. finished 5 1/2 weeks of Radiation concurrent with his chemo treatments today! Dan eyes became teary when the his Radiation team said " this will be is your Last Rad today". He became more emotional when his Oncologist shook his hand and told Dan "you broke all the rules!..no nauesa,no chemorria, no vomiting, no hair loss, and gained 20 pounds since chemo started". (the 20 pound gain was alot of hard work..... every day ....all day trying to consume minimun of 3000 calories mostly liquids).

Now the waiting begins.

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Oh Sal! This is WONDERFUL news :) I'm so glad for you and Dan. Remarkable constitution your man has! :)

Congratulations, again! We are here waiting (impatiently also) with you.

Love & Hugs to you both!


Wife of patient...
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Thank you Terry. The Oncol nurse scheduled an appointment for Dec. 20 regarding treatment options Surgery if he is a candidate & consequences of treatments. We together not just me, decided to get a second opinion MD Anderson Houston. I am really nervous regarding my insurance as it will change Jan 1. 2012
Thank you Terry!

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Sal we are off to M D Anderson for the first time next week (we think - the nurse in charge of Bill's case is supposed to call tomorrow with the details). Not a place I ever hoped to go to, but I am glad it is there.

Wife of patient...
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I am praying for you guys as you continue on your journey. Please keep us updated, & any information you can share regarding MD Anderson would be much appreciated. There is an MD Anderson here, however not a center of excellence. They might help facilitate the second opinion.. any test ect.

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It's a beautiful 86 degrees here in the sunny Rio Grande Valley, and the humidity is only 8% for a change, so it's a gorgeous day! Rickie and I went out in the yard and watered the flowerbeds a little. So nice to be outside. Hospice has been working on changing Rickie's pain meds, trying to find something that works. He in now on methadone and is taking the dilaudid for breakthrough pain. He is also taking Neurontin for the tingling in his left hand. He actually slept well last night and so did I! This morning when he woke up his feet were not nearly as swollen nor was his lower back. He has been wearing some light compression stockings, so that helps with the swelling and he says they make his feet feel better. Wondering if anyone else experiences the same pain he does. It is only on the left side of his back on his shoulder blade and he describes it as one small area that feels like someone is pushing really hard with a stick. He describes it as not piercing, but just extreme pressure, but only in that area, and constant.
Hope everyone else is having a beautiful day!
Wife of Ricke, dx EC stage IV, Oct. 2010
mets to Bones and Brain

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Eric, What a joy to read your notes. You have such a positive outlook on life. You are a real encourager. It is a beautiful day to be alive.Every day is!

I feel for you and all our friends who are living with this awful beast. I pray that God will allow a cure to be found soon.

I thank God for what He has done for me. I don't understand why me, but I am so thankful.
My blood work was good yesterday and I will have another ct in three months. I am still on a six month rotation. My daughter just lost her best friend to cancer. She called me again today asking if I told her the truth about the bloodwork. She is so scared after seeing a reccurence in her friend, when she had been doing so good. EC is always in the back our minds and we know it can raise it's ugly head again.

Yes, It is wonderful to be alive and I pray I can use each day to God's glory,

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So glad to read your post today. It is a wonderful day --- even if it is raining and I too am thankful as well. Enjoy your days, keep those dancing shoes on unless you are sticking your toes in the sand. Love to you and Michelle. Each day is another gift.


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Your new profile picture does make you look like a rock star!

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Just wanted to send best wishes and hugs from Australia. You are my hero too!

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Hello Eric,
I just wanted to say thank you for all your positive posts and all the time that you give to others on these boards.
Happy Thanksgiving for you
Happy Christmas on the 25th December (where we are)
Feliz Navidad 6th January (Where my family are)
and Happy Days to you and your lovely Michelle.
You are the bravest, kindest person that I have ever had the good fortune to have a conversation with and I wish you all the love and luck in the world. You're my hero too.
May God Bless you and Michelle today and every day.
Hugs and prayers

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