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small tumor with sarcomatoid features

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I was recently diagnosed with a localized 1.8 cm rcc and had a successful partial nephrectomy. The lab report indicated the tumor had clear margins and a prognostic biomarker, IMP3, was negative, indicating it was not likely to metastacize. Such factors are very encouraging, to say the least! However, it was also analyzed to be a Grade IV clear cell rcc with sarcomatoid and rhabdoid features. Such rccs are very agressive and have a very negative outlook (possibly in part since they are usually found at a more advanced stage). My surgeon is optomistic, but there is little to no evidence of such small tumors that are so agressive. Is there anyone out there with any relaterd experiences? Any advice or information anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated! I am, as I read many of us are, quite anxious to better understand what's going on. I wish everyone the best out there coping with this disease.

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Dont know a lot right now-Been through it with my husband and got overloaded with info-What I do know for sure that it can travel-And when it enters other parts of the body it is still rcc.I also know if caught early enough it is good and most time it is completely gotten. My only advice is yo do entire body scans not just from the neck down. I know this from experince we did from the neck down and never saw any new growth-The brain scan was done october 2009-3 years after the first diagnosis and surgery-By then it was to late-so if they are going to scan ask that the brain be included.

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Hi djc2,

Even with the best possible prognosis fear and anxiety are normal reactions to finding out that you have cancer. The key word in your case is "small", you have very early detection going for you and that makes a huge difference with rcc. Going forward you are going to have surveillance scans and tests for many years, while it is unlikely that anything will ever turn up, "IF" it does, once again, you will catch it early and be able to go back on the attack. Work on staying positive and worrying only about the things you can control like diet, exercise, and remaining ever vigilant. Keep us posted, we're here if you need us.

A fellow survivor,


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Can you tell me what IMP3 is? I don't see that listed in my sons path. He has 10% or less sarcoma so I was just curious. Thanks!

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IMP3 is an independent prognostic marker and can help predict disease progression.

Research is ongoing into ways to predict the liklihood of cancer progression. There are several markers, and many do not have a lot of data. Some tumors are tested to determine which biomarkers are present. I did not get any biomarker information in my pathology report, I only had information regarding RCC subtype, grade, stage, margin clear, tumor physical properties (size, color etc...).

I had to ask about sarcamatoid character to get that info. So you may ask your urologist to get additional information such as whether they tested for biomarkers.

I hope your son is recovering well, my prayers are with you and your family.


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Dear djc2, I'd like have news from you, I don't know if you continue to follow up this forum, thanks

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