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hey guys need some advice

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I am new to this site and wondering if you can help. I am 30 years old and have not been diagnosed with anything. I had a hard time breathing one day and went to emergency. they sent me home and said nothing was wrong. 3 days later i got a call from the er doctor saying my chart was mixed up with someone elses and that i had nodules in both lungs. needless to say since then i have had lung scans bone scans and everything in between. the anxiety is terrible of not having a diagnosis. has anyone been through this that can offer any suggestions that would be so great.

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hbeech, Sorry you are dealing with this even though you have not gotten a diagnosis. Take heart, there are alot of reasons for nodules in the lungs. Is your family doc getting the results from the tests that you had done in er? If so, he or she will probably refer you to a pulmonary doc who will explore other options to find out what is going on. Try to stay positive and not worry about something that has not been confirmed. Whatever the results, you have come to a good support board. There are alot of people on this board,(most have lung cancer in various stages and types and there are some who have not been diagnosed with cancer but have lung issues, such as nodules), that will be able to help you address any concerns you might have. Take it one day at a time and one step at a time. I am sure that there will be someone who has walked this walk before you that can offer you suggestions. Breathe deep! Positive thoughts coming your way and prayers to you. Keep us posted on your results! Cheryl

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thank you i appreciate it. the blood tests are okay but the ct scan shows innumberable bilateral pulomonary nodules. they have tried to see if it is cancer by looking for a primary site doing mamograms, ultrasounds and still cannot figure it out. very scary and frustrating.

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I had 3 months of tests with no concrete diagnosis. I had a lobectomy and then knew for sure I had a cancer that was removed completely and no further treatment was necessary.

This does not mean that you have cancer, but it is possible for the docs to have a hard time fixing on a diagnosis. However I do know that not knowing is incredibly stressful.

I wish you well and would recommend walking lots or going to the gym or whatever exercise you like to do. YOu want to be in the best shape possible plus it helps to relieve the stress.

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