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I had a friend tell me that having al the dental work done the over the last few years might have exposed me to certain toxic metals when removing my old amalgam fillings to replace with crowns and new fillings,anybody have any thoughts on this subject.

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I have also had quite a few crowns done removing old fillings etc., but I've never heard of or thought about the exposure to metals from this as related to rcc. There is supposed to be a link to smoking, but I know that several of us here, including me, have never smoked, kinda makes ya go hmmmmm?

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Had not heard dental-smoking yes but the one that hits the hardest is High blood pressure-that one sticks out in my mind

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I have seen some sites which indicate exposure to heavy metals can increase risk of RCC. I did have all my old metal fillings replaced with some white stuff, porcelin??

Also, for my graduate research I worked with a metal binding protein for several years, and to "see" it we rediolabeled with cadmium 109. Who is to say if this caused my cancer.


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I had not heard of this either. I had about 4 or 5 old fillings replaced by white ones over the past few years. I dont have any other of the typical risk factors - no family history, very normal blood pressure, non smoker, have never worked in any type of industry and I'm also a young female. I think it's probably impossible to really pinpoint the cause for most of us - we'll probably never know for sure

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I have heard of this in relation to cancer in general and I have been suspect of it myself relating to my Fibromyalgia. Then I got RCC in June, 2011. I had a mouth full of metal and just had nearly all of them replaced in November. Have one more row to do in February. I've always said the government just doesn't really seem to care what they subject us to. I wouldn't be at all surprised it there's a connection to the fillings.


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