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Spindle Cell Sarcoma

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I wish it was something other than a cancer I had to talk about.
My son 27, was complaining of "pain" in his shoulder and back about August 2011. For a young man, who works hard, I suggested to get a massage to work out the pain. It then became numbing and tingling, no strength in his hand.
Saw him in September, and he "held" his arm, and told me he was in constant pain. I tried to work out some muscle tension, and he couldn't take that pressure. (as a licensed massage therapist, I have worked plenty of numbing and tingling impingments)
Within two weeks of seeing him, a node began to form in his neck, and two weeks later, this lump had grown to the size of a lemon. Needless to say, the pain was continuing in his arm.
So, a week later he is diagnosed with cancer....two days later he is diagnosed with sarcoma. A week later (a week from the first diagnosis) he is told he has spindle cell.
He has gone through the first chemo treatment. Chemo, radiation, then surgery.
And will go through the second round this weekend.
Anyone with any insight on a 5 day aggressive chemo drip?
I have been doing research, and suggested to him for his recover to take B-17, Vit D, and lots of real foods. He is not much on RAW, and just changing his diet from processed foods to real foods is a slow transition.
His treatment is in Seattle at the Seattle Cancer Care Center....and UW Med Center.
Any suggestions on post chemo?
Just trying to help my son. I am helpless, since this Mommy can't fix this boo boo.
Thank you.

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hi barbara i am a spindal cell sarcoma servivor had the same thing as your son but mine was under my left arm and another in my left trunk had most of my ribs removed @where there was cancer present skin was removed very painful also 30 radiation treatments it is all a rough go keep your son positive drink plenty of water and try and eat good healthy food i have been cancer free for one year now very happy i am 56 years old and would have never made it if it was not for my wife i owe it all to her for keeping me positive and strong you are doing the right thing with your son be there for him and make sure he stays positive very impotant good luck with all and god bless if you need to talk email me @ bleausdd@yahoo.com

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Hello, Keeping positive seems to be the one thing really helping!
i am 33 years old and was just diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma. I have a quite large tumor in my hip/thigh area. It is sort of wrapped around the bone and too big to remove. I am supposed to be undegoing chemo and radiation to shrink it before surgery. No known metastases yet. The problem is i am 17 weeks pregnant with my second child. Doc is trying to see if i would qualify for more unconventional treatment like CyberKnife to radiate the tumor and still keep the pregnancy. I know this is super rare, but does anyone know or has heard of someone undergoing CyberKnife for such a big tumor or any sarcoma survivors who were pregnant when diagnosed? My situation is super complicated, and i am terrified of having to let go of my unborn child in order to be treated! I am still very hopeful, though!

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