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Great to see such a powerful network. My mother was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer a year ago. There is a good possibility that the cancer has now metastasized in her lungs. I was wondering how many of you out there have changed your diet upon learning you had colon cancer?? From what I've read it can help right? I've also looked at the Budwig diet, seems there is some success in this as well. My mom is a stubborn woman and I have a feeling if I were to bring any of this up she would roll her eyes at me. She is still drinking alcohol on ocasion and eating lots of red meat. She seems to be eating a fair amount but not at a healthy weight. She has also been anemic at points during her battle hence the abundance of red meat. I really don't like the idea of her eating so much red meat, but maybe she should be??? Any advice on diet and perhaps bringing this up to her would really be helpful. Thank you!

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My opinion?

We humans forget that we're just big wild animals. We require meat,
poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and everything else between;
there's nothing better for us, than a well-rounded diet.

"Everything in moderation", is the key to good health, both
medical and mental....

We are not going to control cancer with diet. We can however,
provide our body with the chance to fight cancer (or any ailment)
by eating well.

Booze? well...err...uhmm..uhh.. I understand that a good bottle
of Bourbon can do wonders in our fight against cancer! I swear
I heard it at a recent ACS convention!

Seriously, a lil' smack now and then (and another now), never
killed anyone that I know of. The medications on the market today
are responsible for more deaths than a decent 5th of Bourbon.

Of course, that's only my opinion. I live by it, or try to.... and
I'm a cc4 since 2006... Go figger...

Boosting our immune system is most important; eating well
will help that cause. Let's face it, a healthy immune system can
fight better than a weak one. Even if it doesn't manage to understand
what a cancer cell is, it can help fight off all the other illnesses
that are cancer related.

So if "mom" feels like having a burger and a beer or three, why not?
There's noting wrong what that Budweiser diet you mentioned!

You can help her more, by learning about some of the alternative
modalities available, and their possible value to her. Some can
really help, while other can really help you empty your wallet,
so read well and don't jump at what sounds like a miracle.

Good luck, and better health to you and yours,


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You crack me up. I also would advocate the Budweiser diet. Lisa

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I'm with you on this one John. I am one of the CRC people who was dx while having a normal body weight, exercising and doing everything "right." Cancer can be very indiscriminate (understatement) in choosing its victims.
Good food makes me happy. Good wine makes me happy. Moving my body makes me happy.
I am not letting cancer take away any more of my happiness.
To each their own, and this is for me.

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There are two different perspectives on this issue. One is the belief that changing diet can affect the cancer while the other doesn't believe it. Our doctor said changing diet(particularly red meat) prior to the cancer may have affected whether or not you got it but changing after will not. My husband's response to the doctors answer was "Thank you doctor because she's killing me". This is one issue you just have to research, decide on your own beliefs, and act according to those. Lisa

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vegan mostly raw with juicing.
add to that a dash of lamb or kangeroo and some seafood as needed.

i let me blood tests dictate diet.

i have lost 50kg,

in my humble opinion most obese crc's basically ask for cancer, at least when its answered our invitation we should tell it to get lost by loosing weight.

having the strongest healthiest body possible is my strategy.


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It is possible to alter the chemistry of the body to yield radically good changes. The cardiovascular doc fed my wife simvastatin right before the 1st surgery same week a study showed how deadly it could be for my wife. We took care of blood sugar, bad LDLs, triglycerides with a radical diet shift, from junk to orbit, no drugs. Some food components are major parts of chemo. All count.

What is considered a "healthy diet" is way up for grabs. A lot of bad things from when I was a kid, look good now. And vice versa. We need to learn to eat healthy and fun, all over. There are a lot of myths and contradictions that have to be rethought. Specific oil and fats are a big deal that undermines a lot of diets, they can be healthy. Ditto hidden carbs, many additives (e.g. nitrite-nitrate, antibiotics, hormones) and oxidized, thermalized nutrient depleted foods. RDAs are political artifacts. Food nihilism often means one doesn't know enough reliable information to make an observable difference and has given up hope of doable, expert advice.

Note:I am not being derogatory here about know enough - it's tough to peel back generations of misinformation, like special commercial interest stuff.

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I have seen enough people who are vegetarians and exercise regularly get colon cancer to make me doubt that eating perfectly and exercising in abundance is the solution. My father didn't eat an abundance of red meat and got colon cancer. My husband and I eat a lot of red meat and I, so far, have not a polyp. We do grow our own meat, however.

I would say that anyone on chemo ought to eat what they like just to maintain weight. My husband says that protein such as meat, cheese, etc. sets better in his stomach than carbs when he is on chemo. His onc says that diet doesn't matter now also other than he should eat a lot of protein to help his body overcome the effects of chemo.

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