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Smoking and Chermotherapy

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I start chemo treatments on Tue. 11/29 and heard smoking during treatments is bad. I usually smoke about a pack a day but have cut way back to 2-3 cigarettes a day. Did anyone smoke during their treatments? From what I read, smoking interferes with the effectivenss of chemo. Hope that 2 or 3 cigarettes a day won't do too much damage. I seem to need those few to keep my stress level in check.

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Oh, Noodles....I am hoping that you will seriously consider stopping smoking. I don't know if it has an impact on the effectiveness of chemo, but I know it is not good for you, as I am sure you know too. This would be a wonderful gift to yourself....A truly positive step you can take to live a long, healthy life!

I will be thinking about you and wishing you strength and success!


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Hi Noodles,

I have always found a good time to stop any kind of addiction is when one is very ill. So today and after when your feeling not so great why not go through withdrawl . It will mask it . you can blame it on the chemo.

you will have to have to have help by non smokers for this . No one to "not"enable your recovery rather than enable your smoking. Can be hard to do.

keep away from smokers for a good while till your strong into recovery . Not easy to do since they are everywhere visualy.

Step 0 is to never buy them .

Step 0 to the second power, is to never accept them if offered .

Step O to the third power , is to not sneak or steal them on the sly.

Look if I can be looking at juicers you can give it a good think.

bunch of hard core arm twisters!


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Double Whammy
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it might be difficult to get feedback about smoking and chemotherapy. Your best bet is to ask your oncologist about the effects of smoking while on chemotherapy. You need good, medically sound advice. Everyone's knee-jerk reaction is to say quit - we all know it isn't good for you. But neither is stress and quitting is stressful.

I hope you can have an honest and open discussion with your oncologist about this issue before you start chemo. You can probably also find some information online to help you start up a dialogue with him/her.

Best of luck as you get started on your treatments.


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Googling ones questions yields a good start for information I have found. I recommend googling "does smoking effect chemotherapy?. Susan is right about asking your oncologist about what effects chemotherapy and also about not adding stress to push quiting. The desire and willingness has to come from the individual .

Take care


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