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Spindle cell carcinoma

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Hi everyone, I am new on this board. Diagnosed in April 2011 with a large tumor in my L3 vertebrae, and tumors in my lung. It took more than a week to get the pathology report at City of Hope after two biopsies, one on my spine and one in my lung. They are calling it spindle cell carcinoma, although they admit whatever I have is very rare, and I'm not sure if the diagnosis is accurate or just a best guess. I am getting a second opinion from USC Norris, and also working with a doctor there to see if I am a candidate for Cyberknife for the lung tumor (the spine tumor was radiated back in May). Is there anyone else out there like me?

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Yes, very rare. Mine is head neck. I had an inch of my upper lip removed in Aug.2010. Radiation followed. In June I notices a lump in my neck, mets. It is very difficult to find information and what you find is scary. Cyberknife sounds like a good plan. Second opinion is also a good idea. Good luck in your journey.

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