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Just wondering about test and results

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For the past year and half I have been sick to my stomach and my vitamin D levels have been extremely low. My dr finally did a fecal fat test and found out that I am not absorbing fat so she sent me to a GI. The GI did both a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy this past Wednesday to see if they can find out why I keep getting sick and why I am not absorbing fat. Since I am still young my GI said that she would be surprised if they found any polyps but that she would do biopsies of them if she did. She also took random biopsies throughout the GI track just to see if there is something that is not visible to the naked eye causing my problems. When I woke up after the procedure she told me my stomach had bile in it and had several polyps in it. Now I am anxiously awaiting the results from the biopsies. I am wondering if it always takes the two weeks to get the results back or if pathology can come back quicker?

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