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MY SWEET DAUGHTER JUST HAD PRELIMINARY DIAG OF LYMPHOMA (can the preliminary be wrong, please help)

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Hi Guys: Can you believe this my 45 year old daughter was having pains in her legs and back since September. She was haveing regular physio and did not help. Last Friday she was running a fever and went to ER. Cat Scan showed nothing but the MRI showed lesions on the liver, biopsy showed preliminary lymphoma. I am totally crushed. Difinitive results will be week of 11/28. Guys please let me know what you know of this disease and how to cope with it. I am really devasted and would love to hear from you all. Best wishes to all. June

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June, sending hugs and prayers out to you both!!

Hoping the diagnosis is wrong....

However what I can offer is this...my friend's husband was dx with Lymphoma (I will get more specifics if her dx is confirmed for comparison's sake) in 2010. It took them quite awhile to dx the exact type. Several rounds of labs and scans later gave them what they needed. Lymphoma is complex as there are different types and treatment options probably relate back to the type. So try to deep-breathe and get through this first phase.

She needs you and is taking cues from you...so hang in there!

My friend's husband did Chemo only and had struggles with his blood counts from time to time, but all in all, came through it with flying colors and is now NED, back to work and living his life....he is 62. So age is in her favor.

Keep her upbeat and fighting mad....YOU know how to do this!!

Keep us posted....we love and support both of you!


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about lymphoma. I have a friend who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2000. It was during an exploratory laparotomy for pelvic pain and was a coincidental finding. They removed it and she needed no treatments and has not had a recurrence. She did, however, get breast cancer recently.

That's all I know but I wanted to pass it on because it's positive. In the meantime, I'll keep you and your daughter in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know what the next steps are.


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I too hope the diagnosis is wrong. I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers. In peace and caring.

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Hi June
My mother was actually diagnosed w/both uterine ca and non-hodgkins lymphoma this past spring. Depending on the type of lymphoma it can be a very managable disease with survivors living 20+ years with treatment. There is actually one other patient treated by my moms medical team with uterine ca and lymphoma. There is much hope for successful lymphoma treatment. Wishing you and your daughter many blessings.

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I was diagnosed with non-hodgkins follicular lymphoma in 2002 and then USPC in 2010. If she has follicular lymphoma, here is a good web site: http://www.lymphomasurvival.com/. Cancer is never a good diagnosis, but lymphoma can be often be managed as a long term chronic disease. I know that the determination of what type of lymphoma a person has can be difficult and can take a while. As usual, be sure to do your own research and get more than one opinion on the need for treatment, etc. Follicular lymphoma is often a watchful waiting situation. Please keep me posted and I will gladly share my insights into this condition. And--I am sorry. Having this happen to your daughter is worse than having the diagnosis for yourself. You can email me directly at Kathy@TheMethowValley.com since I don't come to this site every day.

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