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All clear except inflammation

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I got the results of the PET and had the sigmoidoscopy and learned I am cancer free.
Inflammation showed up on the scan. Still having a lot of trouble with my legs. I have fibromyalgia, so perhaps treatment just exacerbated an autoimmune condition that is inflammatory in nature. The prednisone prescribed for an asthma attacked worked great for pain - unbelievable - but I can't stay on it. I get no relief from Ibuprofen or Tylenol. But my Pain Manager increased my Lyrica dosage so hopefully this will help. Cancer free and at least my top half feels better than it has in years!

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I am so happy to hear you are cancer free.....are there days when you don't think of cancer, or is it always just at the edge of everything?

You are always so positive even with the problems you have, you inspire me to try and be the same. And, by gum, I will be! Thanks...

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Posts: 862
Joined: May 2011

I only think of cancer when I have to move my legs! If they were always this heavy, I didn't notice until now. But like all of us, I have some days better than others. I thought it was cool they could see the inflammation. The pain manager told me what nerve was affected, but I don't remember what he said. The pain is not from cancer and that is what is important.

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Great news! I wish you continued great news! Lori

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love it! love it! love it! :-)

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Wonderful news!

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Awesome news!!!

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Wonderful news!

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I'm so very happy to hear your great news! I knew you could do it! NED (No Evidence of Disease) is now in your life to stay!

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So happy to hear you are NED. God Bless ~ Carol

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Sandy I am so very happy to hear this great news.....to be cancer free!! :) You're such a positive inspiration for us all....blessings & hugs.

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Great news, so happy for you. As for the legs, I remember the pain after treatment. It was miserable and feeling heavy is the exact way mine felt. It did get better over time. I can't remember exactly when, but I'm thinking they started to hurt about two to three months post treatment and then got better all of a sudden about 7 to 9 months post treatment. I'm at 2 1/2 year mark now and they are much better.

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Wonderful news!!! So happy for you! xo

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