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One Year PET scan clear!!!!

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Best news ever this Thanksgiving! Clear PET scan!!!!!! One year ago the nightmare started and after treatment good news only. No side effects (or barely any) for me.

I did just develop a sligh rash on my tailbone which could be shingles. And sciatica. Anybody had this? Could be completely unrelated but, of course, I worry.

All the best to all of you!!!

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Yeahhhhhhh!!! That's wonderful news.

Sciatica yes, but I had it in my 30's and now it's back, but not bad. I had the cups done in the past (therapist heats up glass and puts it on your back and it sucks the poison out) i was pain free for 20 years after that.

Rash no, tailbone feels as if it was dessimated by the radiation, very thin and bumpy.

FYI, they have an inoculation for shingles.

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Great news! I wish you continued great news!. I have not had the problem with the tailbone. I hope your problem will be gone soon. Lori

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Congrats on the clear PET scan!!!

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Great news, Gulamin! I'm so very happy for you! As for sciatica, I've dealt with that off and on the last couple of years. It's not fun and very aggravating.

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I was away for awhile and since I've logged in to catch up I've been reading about everyone's great news, including yours. Congratulations! Wonderful news. Sciatica is something I've dealt with on and off for years, starting pre-cancer. Had a bout not too long ago. Comes and goes. The beauty of aging!

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