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Stem Cell Transplant

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Hey there,
I am 23-years-old and was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in July 2011. My initial tumor was on my left scapula, and has shrunk tremendously after 6-rounds of chemo. The cancer spread to the bones of my upper arms and legs, the bone marrow in my lower back, and a small area of my liver. Thanks to the chemo and smart doctors, every thing has disappeared with the exception of the shrunked tumor in my left scapula.

I am currently undergoing radiation to the scapula, as surgery would be too extensive and would damage my shoulder. I have 26 more days of radiation, along with low-dose chemo once every 2 weeks. I will then undergo a stem cell transplant in January, using my own stem cells.

I am extremely nervous for the transplant, as I have heard the high-dose chemo can be really bad. Can some one who has gone through this tell me how they got through it? I'm not sure how to cope with it.


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Hi Sarah,

My 22 year old son was diagnosed in November with Ewings Sarcoma, his initial tumor is in his his femur, groin area, with spot on his shoulder and as his lungs as well, His tumor in his leg has shrunk as we have just completed our second round of chemo, with surgery slated for feb after his 6th round, for a total of 14 rounds of chemo and possible radiation. I would love to talk with you when you feel up to it! I hope you are doing well.

Thanks, Melissa

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