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sad news

Brenda Bricco
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One of my husband's friends that had imflammatory breast cancer two years ago just found out that it is back in her liver.:(
I am so tired of cancer and the pain it brings to so many. I am so sick of hearing about people who are denied treatment because of the country they live in and the insurance polocies they practice. I just can't help but wonder if any of their goverment officials have ever had someone they love dxed with cancer. How can they not want to try everything possible to help someone go on? Can't we as a "world" decide to rage war on cancer and do what ever it takes to help anyone that needs it? Who do I have to call??? I am pissed!

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Found out yesterday that my sons buddy since kindergarten was diagnosed with bladder cancer, he's 23 years old!!

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This is my personal opinion.

We all know someone younger or older then we, who is dx with cancer.
What is the only thing we all have incommon?


What has happened to our food that there are so many cancer patients.
Take alone the milk,what are they feeding the cows, the chickens, the spray they use for our produce.
The chemicals they ad to our water, there is more chlorine in my water then in my backyard swimming pool. I tested it one summer.
Chemicals in our homes etc etc.
Go outside and see the clouds in the sky from our factories.
Sorry I blame our environment.
Sorry I had to get this of my chest.

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Depictions of humans with tumors are carved in cave walls
dating back to umpteen years BC..... There was no smog,
no chemicals in food, no MSG, no cigarettes, no cell phones,
no TV, no pharmaceuticals, no irradiation of food, no tainted
beef or chicken, or pork, or mercury in fish....... No smoke
clouds and pollution from industry....

All cancer is, is a good cell that's been damaged in such a way,
that it can no longer receive instructions on how to remain alive.

Rather than dying, it begins survival by the fermentation process.
It's a very basic life process of a single cell; it has no brain, no
intellect, no possible way to direct itself in any intelligent manner.

That..... is a cancer cell.

And cells die normally when they split/divide to begin a new
life-cell. If the dying part does not get removed by our immune
system in a timely fashion, it may begin that "fermentation process"
as a natural means of survival.

A cancer cell is not "foreign" to our body; it is one of our cells.

So we can rant and complain, and attempt to eliminate anything
that can damage our cells.... but that list will be endless and
impossible to adhere to.

To fix a problem, we must get to the source of the problem.

And that source is our own immune system not being healthy,
and/or not being able to identify and remove damaged cells

To cure cancer, we must strive to teach our immune system to
do it's job properly, as it does for the majority of the population.

It's unfortunate that the industry is making too much money
by not heading itself in the right direction. And as long as
we continue to contribute to those companies that are very
obviously not seeking for a true cure, we are promoting the

In my opinion, our contributions should be directed to companies
like Oxford Biomedical (Oxford U / UK "Trovax"), to encourage
companies like that to continue testing Immunotherapy drugs.

Aside from that.....

I hope everyone here can find -their- way to stay healthy.

You can't fight cancer with a weak body.

Best wishes,


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Nana b
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Well said, John!!!! If you are allergic to any food, or just intolerant of it, don't eat it ever!

Your immune system does not like it! Get rid if it.

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I can totally agree with this post, John, since you don't have the bra and photo parts!! I have thought about sending out letters to everyone I know encouraging them to find a specific company like you mentioned and supporting them instead of some of the massive cancer "charities" etc. I think the money would be much better spent and result in better discoveries.

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Thank you so much John! But of course this is too sensible for most people to believe.

Try to tell them about sugar too.

My family grew up on farms in Ireland. My grandmother cooked over the open hearth, kept her food in an ice box(literally a cooler on stilts), drew the water from the well in town, that had been there since the 1800s, milked her cows, collected her eggs and harvested her own meat, baked their own bread. There was no industry, it's an island. This was in mid1970. There was still cancer and heart disease on both sides of my family. Not a lot of these diseases but in there 70's they began to suffer. Even though these people lived into the 90's to100 they battled these diseases, just as others had since the beginning of time.

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Food has often been chemically altered without adequately informing the public, both in technical detail and on the in-store labels. We've found out the hard way about deficiencies in vitamin D and magnesium, among others. I think vitamin K is on the list, look at this graph for fractures and cancer prevention. I blame the corporations, the academic sellouts, the government, and our own apathy.

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Yes, I have wondered about deficiencies since learning that Jake's cancer grows when a certain calcium-dependent molecule malfunctions and he had been on a PPI for at least six years that after one year can make a person so calcium deficient that bones begin to break. Magnesium deficiency is another result of PPI use.

As a wanna be farmer, I have followed things concerning farming which of course is primarily about food production. We are so consumed with increasing yields to maximize profits that I believe we are compromising the quality of the food. Calcium and magnesium deficiencies can occur in animals and people that eat food that has been over-fertilized with nitrogen and over-watered, the things we always do in our food production. This is something that is not done in many countries to the degree that we do it here. Many countries even in Europe have small farmers who bring their crops in and sell them at open air markets, probably not using all of the artificial fertilizers, etc. that our corporate farms use here.

We have a lot to look at when trying to get on top of the whole cancer issue and I believe the true cause might be overlooked right now.

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Too much cancer around...
Let's Occupy Cancer and evict it.

The way you describe it, one might think you were not talking about America but sadly, it sounds like what's too often the case here.
I think there is such a disconnect with MOST members of our govt and "We the People" that they have little idea what many of us have to deal with. It's sort of like if one's doctor had cancer, they'd stop dragging their feet and find answers for the same questions many of us have had where the doctor seems perplexed.

Sorry to hear of your husband's friend

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