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Hormone Therapy Options

bobby g
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Hi guys, just was told last week that the RP robotic surgery went great, unfortunately the biopsys didn't
PSA 1.09 G 9, 6 week Stage T3B seminal vesicle invasion and now goin to meet with Oncologist to figure out next step.
Any help out there with hormone therapy experiences, I know Lupron has been around but now am starting to read about less side effects with Vanatas implant or Firmagon....any ideas?

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You can find several past threads regarding hormonal treatment (HT) in this forum. However, HT is administered with predefined protocols which may differ from case to case.
You need firstly to certify your present disease status before deciding on the drugs.

Can you share more details of your case?

All HT drugs cause side effects. In some guys they tend to be milder than to others but the drugs are not just chosen for the side effects but for the effectiveness in the treatment.
I think that you are referring to the 1-year Viadur implant (never heard of Vanatas implant), and the antagonist Firmagon. These are medications to lower the testosterone levels in our body but act differently for the same achievement. Viadur is administered once a year whether Firmagon is taken monthly.
You can read details on these drugs typing its name in a net search engine.
Here is one article you may find interesting;

Welcome to the board.
Wishing you a complete recovery from RP.


bobby g
Posts: 3
Joined: Nov 2011

Thanks for your reply V..I will be obtaining my detailed analysis on Tues and will know more, just a lot of anxiety these days with all this info....will get back to you...bobby

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