Entire right side feeling tingly and numb, but...

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Hi everyone! So, I went to my neurosurgeon after my mri last week and he said that it was better than he has seen in a couple of years for me. I guess my brain is filling up the vacant space and he said the tumor may be dormant. I have a grade II Astrocytoma that has extensions - kind of like roots - and he said that he couldn't see much remaining on the mri.

All of this could be positive, but I am having issues with numbness and tingling on my right side (tumor in left temporal). The numbness is on my face - all the way down to my foot. My surgeon had said that if I was still having a problem in a few weeks to give them a call back, and it seems a little worse today.

Do ya'll think I should call the neurosurgeon or a neurologist. He had given me the name of a neurologist I had seen in the past (which I don't remember) in case I had seizures or other issues.

I am frustrated, confused and may be overreacting. Any ideas? I almost think that there may be something in my head that he missed on the mri.....

Thanks for any thoughts....

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    listen to yourself

    I am the mother of a girl with brain cancer. Sincer her diagnosis and treatment started, I have always felt like I cannot have peace and rest unless I have all of my questions answered or I at least get my concerns out on the table. Also, I think people intuitively know when something is off in their own body. So, my advice to you, is listen to your concerns and your body and talk to the neurologist and the neurosurgeon if you need to. God Bless you today and always.
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    There's only so much they can see on an MRI. I would definitely recommend getting a good neurologist (one that has experience with tumour patients). Your symptoms are neurological, of course, but sound also like they could be a trapped nerve. A neurologist can do a physical exam that a neurosurgeon isn't really trained to do.

    My tumour is in a similar location to yours, I understand about being very aware of what's happening on the right side of my body.