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Premature ovarian failure- menopause

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HI everyone, I'm looking for some feedback on early menopause and treatment. I'm 28 yrs old and after a Stem Cell Transplant, I was dx with pre-mature menopause. I'm looking into treatment. Birth Control, HRT, and Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Thearpy. I don't have many symptoms related to menopause, but fear osteoprosis and heart disease. Most women going thru menopause are in there late 40's-early 50's. Once this change occurs they are at risk for both of these conditions. I'm 28 so I'm freaking out. From my research, I see that birth control and HRT put us at higher risk for cancer, which after treatment I already have a chance of getting a secondary cancer. Bio Identical Hormones seem to be more promising. Can any women who are around my age and experience this give me some feedback? Thank you

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Hi Amy! How are you? I see that you haven't been in this forum for a long time. I hope that you are fine and want to know how you feel today. My situation is a little alike with yours. I am 11 years after the autologous bone marrow transplantation after AML treatment. For all this time I have been dreaming that one day I would become a mother. But still now there is no result. So, I came to conclusion that it's better to use donor oocytes and IVF because my ovarian reserve is 0 after the AML treatment. I have put this plan into my head but I am afraid of AML recurrence during or after pregnancy. And what I must do I don't know. I want to have a child more than anything in the world, but at the same time I don't want to die. Doctors have different opinion about my situation and they tell that noone can tell what can happen with me during pregnancy or after it. 

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I am a MDS, childhood cancer survivor who at the age of 12 recieved chemo therapy which stunted my growth and could not physically develop properly on my own. I had hormone therapy and developed my body but could not all the way, even my teeth are underdeveloped. I have Ovarian Failure and Hypothyroidism. You must always take viatamin D and C and do weight barring exercises as to help prevent osteoperosis on top of the pills they persribe you. I take synthetic hormones (the pill) called "Sprintec, 0.250 mg/0.035mg" to regulate my estrogen (low levels) to give less of a chance of me developing cancer from other medicines used for menopause. I was recently advised living with low estrogen is safer than risking other menopause medicines, as the longer you are on those, the high the risk of cancer.

So I am trying to still find more out about this and better solutions. Sadly all doctors were reluctant to inform me that my thyroid pill (Levothyroxine) and lack of estrogen would cause osteoperosis. So after taking my thyroid pills for more than 10 years (which increases chances of osteperosis in woman) i had requested/urged a bone density scan, till i found a doctor that took my request seriously. Come to find out my hips are going on me but is not osteoperosis yet... but still no one ever told me I needed this vital vaitamin(s) in me daily. So that being said, I went 12~13 years with out it, being cancer free but not health problem free. 

I've come across more health issues that need diagnosis that are not being treated and it's been 2 years, If by any chance I get answers I will be more than happy to post about it. I hope this so far with my expierences has helped. I am 27 years old, 13 years cancer free but not health issue free since going threw cancer as a child and chemo therapy being a harsh drug with many side effects, has left me with other health issues to treat.  

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