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I am scheduled for the RAI treatment on 12/16 and I was wondering how you have to be isolated from others? I have small pets.. The dr told me the "suggested" time was 7 days... but that it was only a suggestion... from everything I have read on the internet 2 days if enough. What was the length of time you had to be isolated? Right now I am only scheduled to have 29.9 mCi but that is depending on what my full body scan shows up. Thanks in advance for your input.

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the reason for the 7 days is most of that time is when the RAI has not fully been absorbed by the thyroid or left the body in other means

so you want to minimize your exposure for 7 days

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I found out through my nuclear medicine doctor that each state sets its own regulations. I have two young kids and was told to stay away for 7 days and no sleeping/ holding them for more than 3-4 hours a day for the next 14 days (21 total). Depends on the dose you are given. I131 degrades by half every 8 days. After three weeks I am still nervous when they cuddle up near my neck! I also asked my doctor what she would do regardless of the regulation and went with that.

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Safe is better. Seven days seems to be the magic number for most. This is what I was told. However, your dose sounds like a scan dose. If this is the case, I wouldn't worry too much about the seven days. I didn't have to isolate after my scan dose at all. Regarding pets, I know this sounds harsh but I was told that most pets won't live long enough to see the effects of the RAI. If you have a pet that could live longer than twenty five years, best to do the seven days. I had parrots that could live to be as much as 75 to 100 years old, so I stayed away from them. Kids, oh yes, don't take any chances, go with seven days.


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I am somewhat confused. Why would they be giving me the tracer dose twice? I go on Monday the 12th for my tracer dose and full body scan on the 14th and then full does of RAI on the 16th. Maybe I am not reading the letter right. I am going to call them when I get to work this morning. I really hate being off my meds. I can not even comprehend the simpliest things. I am sure it is me reading it wrong otherwise what is the point of the same dose twice? Thanks for everyones post I really appreciate it!!!

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I was completely isolated for 1 week, but kept my distance from my kiddos for a bit after that. The nice folks at the Nuclear Medicine facility noted staying away from pets and kids primarily, but I was super careful. After all, I don't want my kids to go through this later in life! I would call the Nuclear Medicine dept in your area - mine were FAR more helpful than the docs here.

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