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Just had preliminary diagnosis. can this be wrong? Please help!

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Hello everyone: My 45 year old single daughter was having leg pains, back pains and difficulty walking since September of this year, was seeing a Chiropractor and getting therapy. Last Friday went to ER due to excruciating spasm, sweats and fever. Found lesions on the liver and preliminary biopsy thinks it is lymphoma. Will be doing more tests next week to confirm. Please help me understand this disease and let me know how treatable it is. Doctor comforted me by telling me that they can take care of this cancer because its less aggressive. Please let me know your thoughts. I love her so much! She was discharged from the hospital and sent home with pain meds that is not really helping. Please help me. Best health to all of you. She is just lying in bed all the time. Is this how this is going to be from now on, or will she be treated and get better? J

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I'm sorry you are here, but please know if this is lymphoma it is very treatable. There are many different types of lymphoma and a biopsy would be needed to determine the type.
I know I could feel my lumps melt away within the first day of chemo.

I know a cancer diagnosis can completely take you off your feet, but know we'll be here to support you.

Take care,

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She will get better and be able to live a normal like. For most of us it's a chronic type condition that will required treatment every now or then to keep it in check. I've had it for over 25 years and have had ups and downs. I was 42 when I came down with NHL and had to young daughters. Now they are married with their own families. At present I'm on watch and wait but will most likely need some treatment next year. I'm sure she's very depressed and wondering why me. These are all normal stages we go thru. Once the condtion is acccepted, you fight it and then get on with life.

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Oh. May God bless you both and your loved ones. Your comments have made such a difference. I am crying all the time. But now, I will do better. Thank you both. Coupe I don't believe you have had this for 25 years. You were almost the same age as her. I feel better already. I will keep you all posted. thanks again J.

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Right now you and your daughter are at the scariest point, but once her treatment starts, alot of your fears will begin to ease up. Chemo is not fun, but totally do-able. I hope you will keep coming here for comfort and support because it will truely help. Someone is always around to listen and help. Hang in there and know your daughter is going to be ok.
Much love to you both...Sue
Follicular NHL-stage3-grade2-typeA-diagnosed June 2010-age 61.

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Great Sue you are headed for two years soon. God Bless you and give you back your "new" normal health. Thanks for being so encouraging. I will post the updates and Please continue to give your comments. Be well all. j

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I am so sorry that you have to go through this journey with your daughter. but as the Dr told me , it is NOT a death sentence. She will be o.k with a good attitude and taking care of herself. I was very careful not to be exposed to illness during chemo. I am a teacher snd stayed home during chemo treatments (6). My prayers for your precious daughter and your family. God's strength got me through. Joanie

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I will keep you informed and keep all of you in my prayers as well. j

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I have survived two cancers, and Lymphoma is very treatable like all my friends said here. She will feel tired and worn down from the treatment, but it is not as severe as you think, the unknown is the worse part. This is a great place for information and support, stay as positive as you both can. Vinny

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Hi J,

I can only agree with what others have posted. Lymphoma
is very treatable. The chemo is very scary at first due to
unknowns but after a couple cycles it becomes more routine
as you know what to expect. After that, it's really just
getting through treatments and trying to remain positive.

Humor and a positive attitude are free "weapons" against this
and go a long way to making the experience more tolerable.
I think your daughter's fatique is kind of a double whammy because of the
cancer and where it is - the liver.

I wish you guys the best and please keep us updated. There are many
people here to support you guys through this.



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Thanks Guys, seems that you both are enjoying a good measure of health. Off course the initial diag is such a shocker you cannot even think, but I have read some very encouraging comments on this board. I will keep you all updated and please give me feed back. Good health to all. June

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You're welcome, June. Keep us posted.
It will help also, once you get the particulars to post them
on the "about me" page so others with similar experiences can reference
it and offer support (for example the cancer type and sub type, location(s),
anticipated chemo regimen (RCHOP, R-EPOCH, etc.).

Also, it's important to have a good oncologist and treatment center as well.

Hugs and positive thoughts to you guys,


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Hi there. I too agree with what the others had said. One point that I wanted to share with you is about your daughters pain. My diagnosis was based on testing that was completed on me due to back pain, some butt numbness and pain down the back of both of my legs. The pain got very severe. The good news is, as the mass, or enlarged lymph nodes shrink from chemotherapy, the pain lessens as well. If she's currently in pain, I suggest that she speak with her doctor about more effective pain control. It is not possible to get the appropriate type and hours of sleep, or to heal, or to think and problem solve, if your daughter is in constant pain.

Hugs Anne prayers to you and your family,

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Lymphoma is more treatable now than ever. It is very important to obtain the most accurate diagnosis that you can. A second opinion saved my life. I would suggest going to a large regional center, with the most experience in treating her particular type of lymphoma. There are as many as 70+ varieties of lymphoma, ranging from very slow growing to very aggressive. I had a poor prognosis when first diagnosed with aggressive non-Hodgkin's Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma in July, 2008. I had 54 malignant lymph nodes and cancer in my bone marrow. It is incurable, inoperable, non-irradiable, and highly chemotherapy resistant. Miracle of miracles, it responded to chemo. After an immediate relapse, I began 2009 with a prognosis of "very poor". Yet, I have now been in remission over 2 1/2 years, due to the providential arrival of a clinical trial drug. Do not doubt the power of prayer.

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